Taking Steps to End Trachoma

LCIF joins The Carter Center to Celebrate the treatment of Trachoma

LCIF has been fighting trachoma, in partnership with The Carter Center, since 1999. In 2015, LCIF joined The Carter Center, Pfizer, the International Trachoma Initiative and other partners to celebrate the 500 millionth dose of Zithromax® (azithromycin) tablets, an antibiotic used to treat trachoma in certain countries. This milestone marked a significant achievement in global efforts to help eliminate this preventable eye disease as a public health threat by 2020.

1“The LCIF partnership with The Carter Center is critical to our success in fighting the blinding scourge of trachoma. This partnership has shown what can be done, not only as pioneers in mass scale Zithromax® (azithromycin) distribution to prevent trachoma, but also in assisting over 550,000 persons since 2001 in receiving sight saving surgery. That is over 550,000 persons that will not go blind! This partnership exemplifies the power of working together to make positive changes – together we are stronger and can work harder for those in the greatest need.” – Kelly Callahan, Director of the Trachoma Control Program, The Carter Center

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