How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Your Lions Club

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Instructions to set up a Facebook Page for your Lions Club

Important! Do NOT attach your club page to your personal Facebook account!

Facebook Pages are different than personal Facebook profiles:

–          Instead of having “friends”, Facebook company Pages allow Facebook users to “Like” your club. In other words, after you set up a Facebook Page for your club, your Lions Club members will “Like” your Facebook Page and that is how they will see what you share. You may think you want “friends” club Facebook pages do not work that way; you want your Lions members to “Like” you.

To set up a Facebook page for your club follow these steps:

1)      Log out of Facebook – this is very important!

2)      Go to “Create a Facebook Page” by clicking here:

3)      Click the image called: “Company, Organization or Institution”

4)      Select “Non-Profit Organization” from the “Choose a category” drop down

5)      In the “Company Name” field type your club name , e.g., Houston Lions Club

6)      Click the checkbox “I Agree to Facebook Pages Terms”

7)      Click the “Get Started” button

Be patient, it will pause for a few moments before taking you to the next page.

When the next page displays:

1)      Do NOT click “I already have a Facebook account”

2)      Email: enter your club’s email address. Do NOT use a personal email address. If your club does not have an email address you can create a free one using:

  1. (e.g.,
  2. (e.g.,
  3. (e.g.,

3)      Password: LCI suggests that a password be 8-10 alphanumeric characters (e.g., 2hiu8sy3). Do NOT use personal information such as birthdates, people’s names, account numbers, phone numbers, etc.), and NEVER use the word “password” in your password.

4)      Date of Birth: Jan 1, 1917 is recommended (do NOT use a personal birthdate even though Facebook tells you to)

5)      Security Check: enter the words in the “Text in the box” field

6)      Click the checkbox “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”

The next page will ask you to “Confirm Your Email Address”. Go to your club’s email account and click the verification link provided in the message from Facebook. Please note that sometimes it takes a while to receive the email from Facebook. Please be patient.

After you click the verification link you will be taken to a page that says, “Set Up [Club Name]”:

1)      Profile Picture (also known as an avatar): It is the picture that Facebook users will see when you send messages, make comments, post status updates, etc. within Facebook.

  1. Dimensions should be 180×180 pixels
  2. LCI suggests that you use your club’s logo: click “Upload from Computer”
  3. If your club does not have a logo you can use LCI logo with the white background here: click “Import from Website” and copy/paste this link and then click import:
  4. Click “Save Photo”

2)      About:

  1. Add a description of your club.
  2. If your club has a website or eClubhouse, enter the link and click the “Yes” radio button beside “Will this Page represent a real organization, school or government?”
  3. If your club does NOT have a website or eClubhouse, leave it blank. You can always add one later.
  4. Click “Save Info”

3)      Enable Ads: click “Skip”

You now have a company Facebook Page for your club.

In your Admin Panel you will see a button called “Create Page”; you should never click that because you have already set up a page for your club.

If you club does not have a website or eClubhouse and your club wants to take advance of this free LCI service you can submit an application here:


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