Lions Help Feed Monkeys and Apes

For decades Lions club members in South Africa have collected food that would otherwise go to waste from grocery stores and distributed it to soup kitchens, food pantries and other organizations that feed the hungry.  They have provided food for as many as 60,000 people a day.  But not all the food they collect can be eaten by people.

Lions Provide Food for Monkey Town

Sometimes the pineapples are flattened or the carrots broken or the rolls dried out.  So once a week Lions club members take food — mostly fruit and vegetables — to feed the monkeys, chimpanzees, apes, baboons and other animals at Monkey Town, a privately owned wild life sanctuary outside Cape Town.

Monkey Town resident enjoys food donated by Lions club.

The 30 species of primates and other animals eat about a truckload of food a day, so the contribution of the Lions is greatly enjoyed.  “This is a natural extension of our other activities that feed the hungry,” says Stuart McPherson of the Newlands Lions Club.  “We try to spread what we collect as widely as possible.”

Monkey Town residents enjoy Lions club food donations.

The Lions are committed to feeding the hungry — all the hungry.

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