Lions Building Success at India School

Several years ago, Lions in India adopted a local school as a service project. We recently sent a video crew to India to see how the Lions, with support from LCIF, are taking the project to a whole new level.

The Lions showed the crew the new Melvin Jones Block, an impressive three-story addition to the Sri Ramakrishna MHS in Chennai. The building boasts 16 additional classrooms. New computer and science labs. And allows the school to serve 300 additional students, many from poor families.

Teachers at the school told how the new building affects the quality of education. “Earlier there would be a crowd, and children used to take turns,” said Ms. P. Parvatha Vardhini, a math teacher at the school. “Now there are 20 computers where the teacher also finds it very easy to transact her lesson.”

Watch story on YouTube:

Lions Building Success at India School

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