Find a Hands-On Lions Club Service Project

Service projects that give you an opportunity to get your hands dirty have great benefits, both to your club and the community.  In our February issue, the Palmerston Lions in Canada share how rewarding it was to clean up an old railroad yard and turn it into something that makes the town proud. They weren’t just check writers in this project — they rolled up their sleeves to install a fountain, create walkwayhands-on service projects and build a playground.

The club left a lasting impression on the community. Not only did citizens experience first-hand all the great work Lions do, but the Lions enjoy seeing their work pay off.

You, too, can revitalize your club, increase your visibility in the community and leave your mark with a hands-on service project.  Here are our tips for finding a cause:

  • Attend a village council meeting and find out what people are talking about. Is there a public space that needs a little T.L.C. or are the kids complaining about the disrepair of the playground?
  • Contact your local Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts and see if you can partner with one of their causes. Often, as participants seek the highest level of awards, such as Eagle Scout or the Girl Scout’s Gold Award, they must pair with other organizations to carry out a civic-minded goal. This can also help your club network to recruit new members.
  • If your club lacks the physical abilities to complete hands-on service projects, consider partnering with a local Leo club. You can share resources and teach Leos more about Lions Clubs International values and activities.
  • Contact your school board. Donating your time is the most valuable gift a school can receive.  Perhaps they need help setting up classrooms before the school year or your club could help build a teaching garden.

We’re always looking for great stories about clubs improving their community.  Tell us your club’s story in the comments section.

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