Lions in Action: Lions School in India

Raising Education to New Heights

Students used to crowd into a science lab to watch a chemistry lesson and wait for their turn on the computer.  The school’s ability to take on more students was limited by its lack of classroom space.

Lions Step In

With the help of a Lions Club International Foundation grant and community support, Lions adopted the Sri Ramakrishna MHS and helped add an impressive three-story addition. Lions provided 16 spacious classrooms, a modern science lab and a fully equipped computer lab. “The Lions club paved the way, providing help for all developments,” said H. Jubaitha, a parent and vice president of the PTA. “They believe good education stands the test of time.”

Lions are active at the school they adopted, which serves about 1,200 students from kindergarten through high school. Most of the school board members are Lions, as well as the school’s principal. Lions have made an investment in their community’s future by keeping school fees low for students and their families.

Students Reap Benefits

By helping to fund this new addition, Lions gave the school the capacity to accommodate 300 more students, many from poor families.  “After seeing this school many parents have come forward to admit their children,” said Venkateswara Rao of the Tambaram West Lions Club.

The addition boasts 20 computers and a science lab with all the modern tools a teacher could want. “Earlier there would be a crowd, and children they used to take turns. Now at present there are altogether 20 computers where the teacher also finds it very easy to transact her lesson,” said teacher Parvatha Vardhini. The Lions Quest Program is part of the curriculum at the school, teaching the students life skills.

“I feel proud to be a teacher as well as a Lion,” said S. Jegathambal, Tambaram West Lions Club.

Fast Facts

The school has received the Gold Standard Mark from the government for its upgrades. The new addition allowed the school to take on 300 more students, many from poor families. Of the 20 school board members, 18 are Lions.

Make It Happen: Coordinating a long-term project

  • Why did the club decide on this project? »
    We identified a need in our community and an avenue where we could do the most good.
  • When did the Lions get involved? »
    The Lions have been involved with the school for many years and have worked in various capacities to enhance each student’s school experience.
  • How do you fund the project? »
    LCIF provided a grant for the school upgrades, which was coupled with our local Lions fundraising and community support.
  • Why did the club choose these specific improvements? »
    Math and science are universal skills every student should have. Teachers told us that students had to take turns in the computer lab and the science lab was crowded. We listened to the needs of the students and created a plan to better serve them.

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