Lions in Canada Transform a Rundown Rail Yard into an Incredible Public Park

Our members around the world work on projects to improve their communities. That’s why we recently traveled to Ontario, Canada to learn about an exciting Lions project – the Palmerston Lions Heritage Park. It was cold and rainy when our camera crew arrived in the small town of Palmerston, two hours outside Toronto. Although the rain had delayed our trip, a dozen or so Lions were waiting to greet us outside the park.

What we saw first was the entrance to the park with its statues of Lions (the animal variety), brick gate, path and sign. At a closer look, we saw that the letters on the sign were made of railroad spikes. Behind the gate was a shiny locomotive surrounded by a wall that the Lions constructed. A path, also constructed by Lions, led into the rest of the park, which was once an abandoned, dilapidated rail yard that was a real eyesore in the center of town.

In cooperation with the city, the Lions started working on this park in 2007 when they put in a playground.  They have worked at the park at least twice a week since then and they aren’t finished. In 2010 the Palmerston Lions plan to plant trees and extend the path throughout the 19-acre park. In 2011 they hope to build a stage area and a natural amphitheater. They also plan basketball and road hockey courts, pavilions and much more. There are also more than 4,000 feet of 8-foot wide brick pathway to lay.

Watch Lions in Canada Transform a Run Down Rail Yard on YouTube.

Palmerston Lions Club Park

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  1. It was a fabulous job, I have also applied for PR in 2005, still it is under process, any Lion can help me.


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