Lions Medical Mission Delivers Needed Health Care in Virginia

We believe that everyone deserves a healthy life. That’s why Lions members work so hard to improve the health of adults and children. When we learned about a major health clinic held in the Appalachian region of Virginia that brings free medical, dental, vision and hearing services to thousands of people who could not afford care, we wanted to learn more.

So we sent a camera crew to Wise, Virginia, USA, to film Lions participation in the Lions Assisted Medical Project (LAMP), which is part of the Remote Area Medical (RAM) clinic. What an amazing story we found! Some 400 Lions devote a weekend to helping in this annual event. They do vision and hearing screenings, make and fit glasses, distribute clothing, backpacks and school supplies to youngsters, park cars and provide meals for the 1,700 medical and community volunteers.

This July will be the 11th year that the Lions of Virginia will take part in this important community project. According to Stan Brock, the founder of Remote Area Medical, “We could not do it on this scale unless it was with the participation of the Lions Club.”

Watch a video about the LAMP Project on YouTube.

Lions Medical Mission in Virginia

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  1. Lions of Virginia deserve all the praise for providing relief to poor and havenots of the society for 11 long years consistently is really praise worthy.Please keep up the good work.