Bring Lions Projects to Schools

In the Jjapanune issue of LION Magazine, we highlighted a story about how the Yokosuka Lions donated seeds, planters and nets to the Suwa Elementary School in Japan. This project provided shade for the building and kept it cool. School children worked to maintain the plants.

The project serves as a great example of how we can work in schools to provide educational enrichment for young people.  Here are some more ideas on how your club can get involved with local schools:

  • Volunteer to read a book at story time.
  • Partner with teachers to provide school supplies to children in need.
  • Work with students on a large community project such as a clean up or food drive.
  • Volunteer as a group to assist at the next school concert, play or sporting event.
  • Ask if you can provide “study snacks” during high school finals week.
  • Work with administrators to recognize a student of the month.
  • Sponsor the Peace Poster Contest in your community.

What does your club do to get involved with local schools? Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. In the last 25 years our club has screened the sight & hearing of over 140,000 children in the local schools.