Story of the Week: LCIF, Bausch + Lomb Partner to Save Childrens’ Eyesight

During our convention in Sydney, LCIF announced a new partnership with the Bausch + Lomb Early Vision Institute. The Pediatric Cataract Initiative will help save the sight of children around the world by treating and preventing pediatric cataract.

LCIF, Bausch + Lomb Launch Pediatric Cataract Initiative

Pediatric cataract is a critical cause of childhood vision loss and blindness. Bausch + Lomb contributed US$350,000 to fund programs that will prevent and treat cataract in infants and children. And promote early childhood vision screenings.

LCIF, Bausch + Lomb Launch Pediatric Cataract Initiative

The rate of pediatric cataract in developed nations is one to four children per 100,000. But in under served countries, the rate is 10 times greater. During its first year, the Initiative will primarily focus on aiding children in China, where an estimated 40,000 children suffer from pediatric cataract.

What is your club doing to help save children’s eyesight? Leave a comment to let us know.

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  1. Our club in Middle Tennessee has been screening eyes in the schools of 3 different counties, as well as participating in Kidsight Outreach, screening children from 12-72 months of age. Both of these programs are very useful for helping children, especially Kidsight which is aimed at preventing blindness.

  2. In Arlington, Texas, the Greater Arlington, Arlington and Pantego Lions clubs have helped 2,500 AISD students receive eye exams and glasses at our monthly AISD Vision Clinic over the past 25 years. Dr. Moody, School nurses and Lions from all three clubs have volunteered, donating both time and money so children in our area have the ability to get glasses to see at school.

  3. Thanks for sharing your stories – great to hear about the wonderful work your clubs are doing around the world to save eyesight! 🙂

  4. Our Club, the Freedom District Lions in District 22W, Maryland, constantly screen pre-school children with Welsh-Allyn digital camera. We go to day care centers mostly. We recently received a phone call from a grateful Mother who said that her son may have lost his sight completely if we had not screened the child and suggested that he be seen by an eye care professional.

  5. Every year approximately 16 Lions Clubs in District 35L
    Marion County screen over 10,000 elementary school children for Vision & Hearing. We make sure that the children who are in need of glasses and hearing aids receive them. WE SERVE

  6. In addition to Sight First II and Multiple and District initiatives our Club has been supporting the Mary Rose Trust in providing ophthalmic care for disadvantaged school children.