After the Wildfire: Lions in Australia Provide Supplies and Hope to Victims

During this month’s convention, we recognized Lions in Australia for their response to the wildfires that devastated the State of Victoria. In February of 2009, a combination of scorching 115 degree heat, 60 mph winds and a humidity level of 6% ignited fires that burned more than 1.1 million acres of land.

Fire destroyed the community of Marysville in 26 minutes. A massive heat wave and ferocious wall of flames consumed more than 400 buildings, taking 39 lives. And leaving those who survived with nothing.

In District 5, our members created a relief distribution center, where volunteers sorted, boxed and loaded donated goods.  The Lions Warehouse became the epicenter of activity – and a place of hope for victims.

What types of disaster relief efforts has your club participated in? Leave a comment to let us know.

0 Comments on “After the Wildfire: Lions in Australia Provide Supplies and Hope to Victims

  1. Hon’ble Director of Lions.
    You have done a great work for life, I have visit in this video a team work and a strong unity of lions.
    I want to say thanks to you as lions and I want to do a request to you here. I have an art studio. If you give me permission then I want to paint the logo of lions on my studio wall as a artist member. I hope you will think on my application and then give me confidential reply with your yes.
    Yogendra Kumar Purohit

  2. Really true Spirit of Lionism. A beacon of hope for helpless!!!

    • My home club Lions Club Of Kathmandu Jorpati is planning to distribute wheelchairs and other necessary aids for
      differently-abled people of rural Nepal this year.