Lions in Australia Give Disabled Kids the Freedom to Move

During last month’s convention in Sydney, we honored some very special Lions who are helping disabled children. Lions in Australia recognized that children confined to wheelchairs miss out on the joys of childhood – playing with classmates and riding bikes with their friends – and wanted to help.

Through fund raising efforts and diligent partnerships, the Lions of Australia are providing innovative technology to disabled children in need. The devices, called Hart Walkers and Freedom Wheels, give children who lack mobility the opportunity to walk and ride a bike.

“The Hart Walker enables a child to move independently, they’re able to walk with their mates, hold hands, they’re able to run,” said mom Cindy Shaw. “Adam’s Hart Walker has changed his life medically, physically, socially. He’s much stronger. He basically will tell you he can do anything in that Hart Walker.”

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  1. Lions of Sydney Australia are doing commendable work for the benefit of disabled. Such service activities keep the flag of Lionism flying high and makes us proud to be members of this great organisation.

  2. Respectable Director of Lions.
    I have visit this video, and feel it’s a challenge to nature design and you are giving the real life way to handicapped kids. As an artist, I can say you are filling the color in life. Thanks, you have share this video and a great message for life by this blog.
    Yogendra Kumar Purohit
    Bikaner, INDIA.