Lions Story of the Week: Learn More About President Scruggs’ Theme

In the July/August issue of LION Magazine, we learned more about International President Sid L. Scruggs III’s theme, Beacon of Hope. This year, President Scruggs has established four Global Action Campaigns to scruggshelp reinforce the idea that as Lions, we should help our community with signature service projects. The first campaign, Engaging our Youth, takes place this month. Extensive information about each campaign is available on the Lions Clubs International Web site.

If you would like more information about President Scruggs’ theme, including logos, brochures and information about “The Power of Peace” Essay Contest, check out the President’s Theme page.

What is your club doing to shine a light on service? Let us know in the comment page.

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  1. Dear Friends

    We have activated special event Amateur (Ham) Radio Station VU0LH from Surathkal Lighthouse as part of our country’s participation in International Lighthouse and Lightship Week – ILLW 2010 with launch of Special Cover with Lions International President’s Slogan “A Beacon of Hope” and logo of Lighthouse with permenant Pictorial Cancellation of 18th Century monumental of Mangalore.

    • Please look up in above website for photographs and further weblink of Special Event Amateur Radio Station at Surathkal Lighthouse