President’s Service Blog: Raleigh Lions Club Clinic for the Blind

My Beacon of Hope theme is all about Lions dedicating themselves to service. This year, I am emphasizing service and how clubs can attract new members and retain members by engaging in signature service projects.

In my home state of North Carolina, the Raleigh Host Lions Club has been engaged with helping blind and visually impaired people through gainful employment for more than 45 years. The Raleigh Lions Club Clinic for the Blind employs 260 visually impaired people, including 19 people who are both deaf and blind. In this significant ongoing project, blind citizens fulfill military contracts and make pillow cases, mattresses, military uniform add-ons and other items that make it possible for troops to function.

I always find it refreshing to visit this facility. Some of the workers have been there for decades. It makes me proud to be part of an organization that offers the opportunity for visually impaired people to lead normal lives as productive citizens.

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