Lions Photo of the Week: NFL Hall of Famer Randall McDaniel Tees it Up for the Troops

Following wartime service, many veterans and their families have a tough time making the transition back to the lives they led before the war. With help from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Lions in Minnesota host Project New Hope retreats to give veterans and their families the skills they need to manage their lives after wartime service. We received this week’s photo from Project New Hope founder, and Lions club member, Bruce Billington.

Randall McDaniel Tees it Up for the Troops, Project New Hope

NFL Hall of  Fame member Randall McDaniel participated in the recent Tee It Up For the Troops golf tournament. All proceeds from the tournament – and the raffle of the gorgeous 2011 Ford Mustang convertible Randall is in – will benefit area veterans through Project New Hope.

Has your club hosted a recent raffle or fundraiser for a great cause? Leave a comment to let us know.

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  1. As one of the veterans blessed to take part in the Project New Hope golf outing, I can’t thank everyone enough for their sacrifice. From the young lady who grabbed my clubs when I arrived to Mills Auto for giving my wife a chance at a new car and to you, Bruce for your vision and leadership.

    As an operations and plans officer in the MN National Guard, I know how hard it is to pull something off like this and you all should be proud of the work you have done and will do so in the future. The only hiccup for the entire event that I witnessed was my terrible putting on the golf course. Maybe you will have a fix for that next year, because I would be honored to participate again.

    I have been blessed to not need the services of PNH, but knowing there is a place one can go is a reassurance in itself.

    Thank you for invitation and look forward to seeing you next year as well.

    Kent Porter

  2. What a great week I’ve been fortunate to have. Being both a Lion and an employee of Mills Motor Inc., the Ford dealer providing the Mustang GT, I got to witness the joy it brought to the McManigle family but also hear of the results of what hard work will bring. WOW almost $100,000 raised for PROJECT NEW HOPE, what can you say but Thank You to all the volunteers that worked so hard to make this happen, and thank you for letting me be part of it.

    Lion Chuck Cole Secretary
    Crosslake/Ideal Lions Club

  3. Don Pals, Dist 5M3 Project New Hope Chair

    Having been on a retreat and seeing what PNH does for families after a spouse returns from an overseas tour makes the work for PNH all worth while. These families go through more than enough and families are too important not to save. To see what this special retreat time does for children and the stay at home spouse is heartwarming. Of course what it does for our veterans is immeasurable. Everyone involved, especially the volunteers, you’re terrific, keep up the righteous work!

    Lion and veteran, Don Pals, Dist 5M3 PNH Chair

  4. All this happened because a Lion member from Whitefish Area Lions Club had a dream to raise money for Project New Hope after she heard about all the suicides that happen with returning veterans.
    Thank you Connie Jo! And thanks to all Lion members that worked so hard attaining this goal. WE ROCK AND WE SERVE!!!!!

  5. Immediate Past District Governor James Arvidson 5M9

    Today marked the culmination of a 10 month Campaign to raise funds for Project New Hope as District 5M9 Governor Linda Norby handed over the keys to a brand New Mustang Convertible GT. A total amount of over $99,000 was brought in as supporters were offered a chance to win the Mustang with a Donation of $20 towards the Lions MD5M Project New Hope.

    The very happy winner was Luke McManigle of Hewitt, Minnesota. Luke and Jacky McKane have a wonderful family that includes 3 girls – Abbie, Andrea, and Avoire. At age 3, Abbie was diagnosed with Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis. Winning the Mustang was a welcome surprise in the McManigle Household! Luke is now interested in becoming a Lion with the Hewitt Lions. He was given a Membership Application.

    The Proud Lion that sold Luke the lucky ticket was Lion Christine Albright of the Parkers Prairie Pride of Lions.

    While the Goal of MD5M LIONS of Minnesota, Manitoba and NW Ontario was to raise funds for the expansion of Project New Hope, a bigger Result was the Awareness and promotion of Project New Hope by doing this. The Goal of MD5M is to offer “NEW HOPE – NEW LIFE” with participation of Project New Hope Retreats throughout all of the US and Canada by 2016. Today was a big step towards that goal!!

    IPDG Jim Arvidson, MD5M/District 5M9

  6. Please help us to get the vets that need our help for PTSD or related war issues to one of our camps, or as Bruce said contact us to help set up camps in your state or district. “WE SERVE” has never been more needed than for these heroes in the USA and Canada. I didn’t win the car, but it was a great project.

  7. As executive producer of The Industry TV, I can tell you first hand that not only is Project New Hope a great program, but it is extremely important for us as citizens of this great nation to help our military heroes return to a productive lifestyle when they return home from wartime service. I believe you can watch The Industry TV Episode featuring Project New Hope at their website.

  8. I am also a veteran and help with PNH. I have heard great stories from other veterans and their families that have attended a PNH retreat. My wife has a former high school classmate, whose husband is serving his 5th tour overseas. They live in NC and I just hope that a Lions club out there by the military base will pick up PNH and help those that have served and are still serving. Thanks to all veterans now and past. PNH ROCKS!

  9. Thank you, Lions, for everything that you do for vets and their families. You are very much appreciated.

  10. What a great event! I cannot thank everyone enough for their hard work on this fundraiser. The motto “We Serve” was an understatement for all Lions involved. The Lions of 5M9 are awesome … PCC Bert – Thank you. DG Linda – Thank you. IPDG Jim – Thank you. PDG Peter, PDG Dick, PDG Carroll – Thank you. 2VDG Margaret – Thank you. Lion Wendell – Thank you. Lion Connie – Thank you. ALL of the Lions that helped before, during, and after the golf tournament – Thank you.

    Please mark your calendars. PDG Dale Johansen will be presenting a seminar at the USA/Canda Forum in Milwaukee, WI this September 23-25, 2010. Seminar #70 titled “SPECIAL INTEREST – Project New Hope.” PDG Dale is a combat Veteran of the Vietnam War, and is a Project New Hope Board member. Sitting in the front rows, you will certainly get your money’s worth.

    Please challenge PDG Dale or myself to help you start up Project New Hope in your area.

    Lion Bruce Billington

    Executive Director, Founder
    Project New Hope