President’s Service Blog: V.I.P. Fishing Tournament

Assisting our communities with whatever their needs may be is one of the most important tasks we can do as Lions. Whether its establishing a food bank for needy families or providing eyeglasses for students whose families may not be able to afford them otherwise, every town has an opportunity for Lions to live the we serve motto.

I’d like to introduce you to North Carolina’s signature service project. A signature service project should be an important part of your club. It’s what you’re known for in your community and can help you build rapport with your neighbors, other service organizations and potential new Lions.

In my state, Lions are known for the V.I.P. Fishing Tournament, an event that allows visually impaired people from across the state the opportunity to socialize and experience something new.

It’s an activity that Lions, the community and even guide dogs enjoy.

VIP fishing tournament

Each year, the tournament recharges my batteries and renews my enthusiasm for the work that we do as Lions. While the visually impaired members of my community receive a lovely day of fishing and a nice meal, I know each Lion walks away with touching memories of what we can accomplish when we all are shining beacons of hope.

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  1. Well Done & congrats to North Carolina Lions!!! Very intresting & unique activity where Lions having an exciting and enjoyable time and at the same time contributing to the community.