President’s Service Blog: San Bruno, California

Whenever disaster strikes, you can be sure Lions won’t be far behind. Whether it’s a devastating earthquake in the heart of Haiti or an explosion in San Bruno, California, Lions rise to the occasion and live out the motto We Serve.

I had the distinct honor to serve alongside the Millbrae Lions Club last week as they helped to ease the discomfort displaced residents experienced. A pipeline explosion destroyed dozens of homes and left at least four people dead, but Lions rushed to help. The Millbrae club was first on the scene, setting up after midnight so they could begin to serve breakfast at 7 a.m. to 150 residents. The club has a portable kitchen that was converted from a car carrier.

I was so proud of the Millbrae Lions, who along with the San Bruno and Bay Area  Lions Clubs were truly beacons of hope. Despite the tragic circumstances, each Lion was a shining ray of hope to lead the way through this trying time. My heart goes out to those affected by this disaster and you are all in my thoughts.

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  2. Dear International Lions President,

    Thank you for launching “A Beacon Of Hope” to the world of Lions … our club is inspired by its meaning as it coincides with our club’s past fundraisers “A Ray Of Hope” which allowed us help so many children, through ChildWatch for their continued education.

    Then came “Smile for the Future” a huge public event in support of all handicapped, building a center for them and later for Autistics. Also a “Grand Concert” with famous Thai Singer to help the “Phuket Sunshine Village.” We Serve is at the forefront of all our activities at the local, national and international level. We responded to Haiti’s disaster, just now to Pakistan’s terrible suffering and also LCIF. Environmental awareness education program with many schools has and continues with the support of Evason Phuket & Six Senses Spa. I will be soon posting photos of our activities on the web.

    Greetings from our members and my deepest respect to you Lion President Sid Scruggs for your untiring dedication!

    Lion Adrienne Tusoni – Charter President 1992-1993 – currently club Secretary.

  3. In Lionism, because we’ve always been known for success, I wish you a lot more. Please Sir keep up the good work. We are prayerfully looking up to you Sir because you are our role model. We serve.

  4. Our Millbrae Lions at work here exemplified what it means to be Lions and how Lions impact human lives! There was no hesitation; only the desire to give and to serve. Thank you to our Millbrae Lions for leading the way. God bless you all for your goodness and inspiration!

  5. The horrible tragedy of the fire ravishing the homes in San Bruno, California was so horrendous, and it was the Lions of the District 4-C4 who came to the aid as usual performing their services as their motto says ‘WE SERVE’ and they did for days. Our guest Catherine Margrie who came to visit us from Essex, England for a week, spent two days of her vacation serving along side of our Millbrae Lions club out of their Mobile kitchen serving breakfast, lunch and dinner all day long. She learned the true spirit of Lionism in action and was most impressed. Her uncle was a Lion in Essex and she may become one now because this true meaning of the service of the LIONS. We are Blessed to be able to do this for others. May they all recover.

  6. Great job, Millbrae Lions, Lions of District 4-C4, and IP Sid Scruggs. That is what Lionism is all about!!!

  7. Dear President Scruggs, It was an immense pleasure to meet you and listen to youf most motivating speech at the LEF 50th. I often think about what Lionism means to me and some of your words inspire me to reach further into service. I thank you for that and for your visit to our District.
    With Love in Lionism,
    Lion Linda Dettmer, IPP
    Brisbane Lions Club

  8. Marge Colapietro, Charter Member Bay Area Special Olympics Lions Club and Councilwoman - City of Millbrae

    It was an honor for me to be invited to serve alongside the Millbrae Lions Club for whom I have always had a special place in my heart.

    The Millbrae Lions span a variety of members, from the newest to the admired elders who have continuously been the rock and foundation of service in the City of Millbrae — when the call to service goes out they are there! What an inspiring sight to see and experience to share. As a Millbrae community official and resident I am so very proud that the Millbrae Lions Mobile Kitchen Service Team and their supporting Lions did what was asked of them in an expeditious and professional way.

    There have been so many local, state and federal legislators who have praised and thanked Millbrae Lions to me and I want each and all to know the positive difference they made in thousands of lives during the 2-1/2 days they were on site in San Bruno. What Millbrae Lions exemplify, they exemplify for “all” Lions.

    May God always bless you and continue to give you all that you need to continue the tremendous work you have pledged to do.

  9. These efforts so close to home make me VERY PROUD to be a LION. Congratulations to these Clubs for quickly putting into action the skills they have that made such a lasting impact on these devastated residents of our community. Thank you for making us ALL look good.

  10. I have been a member of Lions for more than 50 years and every time there is a need for service, the local Lions step up to the plate.

  11. Hello Sid,
    Do you remember Geiranger? Next week I go with a group to Uganda to open 3 new boreholes. This year I have collected money for 16 boreholes! Every one costs about 1000 USD. Is it not fantastic!

  12. A really living example of true spirit of service and a beacon of hope! We Lions from 206 countries are proud of Lions Club of Millbrae!!!

  13. Hello and best wishes from England! We’ve been supplying our local Lions Club for many years now. A great bunch of folks. Keep up the good work.