Photo of the Week: Leos in Malaysia Celebrate 40 Years of Service

Our Leo clubs inspire and support volunteerism and leadership in young people ages 12 and up by giving them the chance to learn, grow and serve by participating in community service projects. We received this week’s photo from Ch’ng Kok Sheng, 1st District Vice President, Leo District 308B2, Malaysia.

In August, Leo club members celebrated the 40th anniversary of Leo service in Malaysia. In honor of this major milestone, 40 Leo clubs participated in Making a Difference (M.A.D.) service activities, including this Leo Garden Eco project by the Leo Club of Tanjung Putra. The project took place at Phor Tay Private High School in Penang.

  • Well done and congratulations to District 308 B2 Region 1 Leo Club. Roar~

  • I am proud to be a LEO. Roarrr for this good job.

  • Am proud of this! Great! Thanks!

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