Story of the Week: Howard Area Lions “Relieving the Hunger” for Local Families

Our Relieving the Hunger Global Service Action Campaign coincides with the holidays, but many clubs embrace the mission of feeding their communities throughout the year. We recently traveled to Pennsylvania to see how the Howard Area Lions Club has made its town a better place to live by running a food bank.

For the past 25 years, the Lions have distributed thousands of pounds of food within their community. Unemployed, retired and needy residents in their area can pick up a box of canned and nonperishable foods, along with frozen items, produce and baked goods. Patrons with furry friends also receive dried pet food. Lions even load the boxes into cars and deliver to families in the area who are unable to leave their homes. The food comes from several sources and the club makes it a policy to never turn down a donation.

On the day we visited, the Lions told us about the food bank, and gave us a behind-the-scenes look as they packed food boxes with frozen blueberries, whole chickens, baking mixes, canned vegetables and other fresh foods for local families. Several recipients told us how important this food bank is to the community and their families.

3 Comments on “Story of the Week: Howard Area Lions “Relieving the Hunger” for Local Families

  1. This campaign shows how the real meaning of Lions slogan WE SERVE. Congatulations to President Scruggs for creating this blog.

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