U.S. and Filipino Lions Help Change One Little Boy’s Life

Our members know that a simple gesture and a caring heart can reap unimaginable rewards. While filming a recent relief mission, our camera crew saw how U.S. and Filipino Lions lent a helping hand – and changed a little boy’s life.

The story began when a series of typhoons left thousands of Filipinos without homes, jobs or schools. San Diego Lions with roots in the Philippines reached out to help their people. Together, U.S. and Filipino Lions set off on a six city mission to provide aid to those affected by the typhoons – and others who simply needed help.

During their mission, the Lions met a young mother in Bataan who was concerned about her son Sherwin’s vision. “When he tries to read books he just stares at them, and he gets very close to the pages,” said Marlyn Gonzales. See how connecting with the Lions made an extraordinary difference for Sherwin.