President’s Service Blog: Daegu Rehabilitation Center, Korea

I often remark to Judy that I have the best “job” in the world. I have the privilege of traveling to see the good our 1.35 million Lions are doing throughout the world. It gives me such pride to see the difference Lions are making in their communities and abroad.

The highlight of a recent trip to Korea was a visit to the Daegu Rehabilitation Center, a community-based facility for the cognitively impaired and those with brain injuries or disorders. I was moved by the clients there and the incredible impact Lions have at this center.

Lions fund and volunteer at the center, which opened in 1984 as the first center for the disabled in Korea, and now helps more than 283,000 people per year.  Lions help provide vocational skills and educational support for the disabled, a daycare for disabled children and at-home care.

I was touched to see what Lions can do when we come together to serve our neighbors. Here in Korea, Lions improve the lives of hundreds of people each day.Daegu Rehabilitation Center

2 Comments on “President’s Service Blog: Daegu Rehabilitation Center, Korea

  1. That’s a great job done by Lions Club. Salute those who participated in this activity.