President’s Service Blog: Cusco, Peru

During my presidency, I want to meet as many Lions as possible, but with 1.35 million Lions worldwide, that’s a tall order. Every Lion is important to me and our association because each of us has the power to be a “Beacon of Hope.”

Recently, I traveled to Cusco, Peru, a remote area that sits at an altitude of 11,200 feet. Mayor Luis Florez met with Judy and me. He presented a scepter to me, which in his culture is a sign of great respect, because he has seen first-hand the wonderful humanitarian work Lions are doing in his community.

In this video, you’ll see a behind-the-scenes look at our visit with Mayor Florez.

2 Comments on “President’s Service Blog: Cusco, Peru

  1. Congratulations to our Int’l Pres. Sid Scruggs for his effort to meet as many Lions members as he can. We are indeed very lucky here in the Philippines because we are meeting with our Int’l Pres. Sid in February, 2011. We are praying for his safety in all his travels and may God be always with him and his beloved Lady.

  2. How large a Light can we Lions shine if 1.3 million flip the switch at the same time. We Have Served, We Serve, We Will Serve…