Lions Clubs Help Reduce Number of Visually Impaired by 26 Million Worldwide

A 2010 study by the World Health Organization shows that visual impairment has been reduced globally by nine percent, or 26 million people, since 2004. Through SightFirst, our members have had a significant role in this achievement.

Lions Clubs, LCIF Help Reduce Number of Blind by 26 MillionAccording to the study, the number of visually impaired people decreased from 311 million in 2004 to 285 million in 2010. Of these, an estimated 39 million people are blind, compared with 45 million blind in 2004.

This milestone could not have occurred without the dedication and investment of non-governmental organizations, including Lions and LCIF, as well as partners, governments and ministries of health. And we remain committed to saving eyesight

With US$415 million raised through Campaign SightFirst II, we’re increasing programs to fight the leading causes of blindness. Battling emerging threats to sight. And funding new projects aimed at research and rehabilitation.

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  1. Today there are some 180 million people worldwide with visual disability who are in need of social, vocational, economic or rehabilitative support services. This requires a greater emphasis on prevention and early intervention and treatment. In addition to blindness, another 110 million people in the world are considered visually impaired or have what is termed low vision.