LCIF Staff Member from Japan Helping Raise Funds for Quake, Tsunami Victims

Norio Tanabe, a Development Manager for our Foundation in Oak Brook, normally spends his days raising money for disaster relief around the world from Asian countries, including Japan. Now, LCIF is providing more than US$1.25 million for immediate and long-term disaster relief in Japan.

Norio grew up in Kesennuma in Japan’s Miyagi Province. He told a local news crew “I saw my town, where I was born, and (there was a) big fire … I think surely everything is gone.”

Norio still has family in Kesennuma, but has been unable to reach them. He shared his story with several TV news stations, including the local CBS and NBC affiliates in Chicago.

Watch Norio’s story on FOX News Chicago.

Norio on FOX News Chicago

See satellite images of Japan before and after quake.

2 Comments on “LCIF Staff Member from Japan Helping Raise Funds for Quake, Tsunami Victims

  1. I was a Lions exchange student to Kamagaya Japan in the summer of 1990. Now I am a Lion with the Kissimmee Florida Lions. I am so glad to be a part of this group.

    • I was born in Catania, Sicily: Volcano ETNA is a the greatest in Europe, a true sleeping tiger. So I understand what it means to be born and to live in a dangerous land: the earthquakes are our daily bread, the fire of Etna our matches. And I understand the courage of this man that is far from his unfortunate town, he always has lived with fear and resignation besides. He is a great man: has the dignity of a hero. I’m with him and admire him very much! I pray for all Japan. Natalia