World Water Day 2011: Lions Providing Clean Water in Japan and Around the World

Every year, the United Nations designates March 22 as World Water Day to highlight global safe water and sanitation issues around the world. World Water Day LogoWe’re proud to join a diverse coalition of water, sanitation, hygiene and health organizations taking part in World Water Day 2011.

Today, our members in Japan are working to provide clean water to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. But, clean water is also a matter of life and death in many other communities. One of every eight people in the world lacks safe drinking water. Forty percent of people lack adequate sanitation. And more than 4,000 children in developing countries die every day because they don’t have clean water.

Lions have been working to provide clean water and sanitation for many years. Our members are making a difference in the worldwide water crisis by installing water purification systems in schools in India. Constructing more than 1.3 million latrines. And providing thousands of clean water wells through 148 LCIF water projects.

Learn how Lions can help encourage clean water and sanitation development around the world.

5 Comments on “World Water Day 2011: Lions Providing Clean Water in Japan and Around the World

  1. If I think how much water is important in every modern house, I think also how important it is in places and for people in difficult way of life. The work of Lions providing clean water in Japan and around the world is extraordinary, and World Water Day should be celebrated more and more. Thinking of having unclean water in taps is a nightmare! L.C. Agrigento Chiaramonte’ll spread the meaning of this day so important for health and life!

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