Lions International Peace Poster Contest Winner Speaks About Peace at UN

We were happy to honor Raj Phairembam – the 11-year-old boy from Moirang, Manipur, India, who created this year’s grand prize Peace Poster – at Lions Day with the United Nations (LDUN). After Lions Clubs International President Sid Scruggs presented Raj with an award, Raj surprised attendees by making a donation. “I want to share the pain I feel for Japan due to the tsunami … I want to donate $250 through the Lions Clubs International President.”

President Scruggs thanked Raj and the crowd applauded his generous donation. Raj’s parents and the president of his sponsoring Lions club, who joined us at this event, were very proud of his accomplishment and thoughtfulness. “To some, seeing you here is a chance. To me, it is an opportunity to say that we want freedom from fear,” said Raj. “Thank you to my sponsoring club – the Moirang Lions Club – and thank you Lions across the world.”

Each year, about 350,000 11-, 12- and 13-year-old students from around the world share their visions of peace through our annual Lions International Peace Poster Contest. Their posters are narrowed down at the club, district and multiple district levels before the final judging at the international level. View a slide show of this year’s finalists.

In this video, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the Peace Poster proceedings at LDUN.

7 Comments on “Lions International Peace Poster Contest Winner Speaks About Peace at UN

  1. I am just wondering why the picture of the 2007-2008 Grand Prize winner (Peace around the world) is nearly the same as the one of the merit winner (which is done by an Indian boy) this year? I can say the picture is 98% alike except there is a flowery like decoration added, all others like the position of the flags, the statues, the buildings, even the ribbon on the pigeon is the same! I think the organiser should seriously look into this matter to avoid unfair judging to other entries, since copy of other images are meant to be disqualified.

    • The rules for the Lions International Peace Poster Contest state: “All artwork must be the individual student’s original creation. Duplications are not accepted.” This poster is an original piece of artwork created by this young student and was not a duplication. The complete set of contest rules can be found at

  2. Our Irondequoit Lions club participated this year in the Peace Poster Contest for the first time. We had 13 entries from the 3 schools in our area and were very proud of all that the young people did. Even though this was our club’s first venture in this contest we are looking forward to doing it again this year and having more students participate.

    What an inspiration the young man is who won the contest. He did a wonderful job and should be very proud.

    • Congratulations on your Peace Poster Contest, such a wonderful way to let youth express their feelings about peace. 🙂

  3. What a tender, intelligent and generous boy this is! And how much his Poster is beautiful! Many boys and girls of our schools in Agrigento also have joined this wonderful Lions International Peace Poster Contest, between the 350,000 in the world. Their works weren’t so beautiful, but I think that every boy or girl has a pure heart and a soul and wants to express themselves. Art is the best way to communicate our deeper feeling and our thought and Youth’s Art is the purest one, but not the simplest. We must educate our young people to express theirselves through Art. In this Social Year, We Serve Youth “through” and “for” Art. Best Wishes to Raj for all his life and thanks to all young artists that have created a Peace Poster for Lions Contest! Natalia