President’s Service Blog: Protecting our Environment

Today I want to thank you for your active participation in the many successes that have come from our first three Global Service Action Campaigns. Together we’ve shined a light on youth, on sight and on hunger. Now it’s time to shine a light on the environment.

Each of you will have a different opportunity to address the environmental needs in your own community. For some, it will be a simple task of road-side clean up or planting trees or some beautification. Others may be able to address larger issues of sanitation, the need for fresh water or a recycling project.

We all have to assume the responsibility for creating a healthier planet. So whatever the project, let’s make sure that we give it our very best effort in addressing the needs to protect our environment. As you’ve done in the past, be sure to submit your Activity Reports. For all your efforts I thank you for caring and for truly being a beacon of hope.

2 Comments on “President’s Service Blog: Protecting our Environment

  1. Mr. President, to comment Your post about our Environment is a true honor! I would write my few words to express our happiness and commitment as Lions and Artists in this Global Service: we began in February 18th, painting by candlelight for Energy Saving, and now, April 9th, we’ll continue our Campaign painting by sunlight, for young people of some Schools in Agrigento. So we’ll celebrate “The day of the Earth” always in Energy Saving for our Environment and, at the same time, dedicate our work to young people for our “We Serve Youth” in this Social Year. We’ll submit absolutely our Activity Report as You request: so always we did! Thank You very much for Your fantastic Global Service Action Campaigns: in each we can express our true Lionism. Best Regards. Natalia Di Bartolo

    • Thank you All for your kind and constant attention to my posts on this Blog. Tomorrow morning, painting together our about 4o young Artists on our great canvases by sunlight, we hope that our symbolic Lions Message for the health of the Earth arrives to hearts and minds of our fellows and as far as possible!