President’s Service Blog: Center for Autistic Children, Malaysia

Since Lions fulfill many needs in our communities, Judy and I have had the privilege of seeing a variety of projects during the past year. When we visited Malaysia, we observed Lions providing care for children with autism.

At the Association for Resources and Education for Autistic Children, Lions REACh for short, kids receive therapy and training customized to their abilities. It was great to see that the Lions are beacons of hope for an entire family, not only caring for the children, but also working with the parents and siblings.

Judy and I were pleased to meet these inspiring Lions and unveil a climbing wall. I wasn’t going home until I gave that wall a try, and you can see my attempt in the video below.

One Comment on “President’s Service Blog: Center for Autistic Children, Malaysia

  1. I am raising my grandchildren; one is an autistic boy, age 6, and an 8 year old who is bipolar/ADHD. I am full-time college art student, too.