President’s Service Blog: Visiting Peace Village, Germany

As Lions, we see scenes that break our hearts as well as uplift them. At the Peace Village in Germany, Judy and I were touched to see Lions helping children through difficult times.

The facility provides quality medical care to kids who wouldn’t otherwise have access. This special place is made possible through a partnership between Lions and Peace Village International. While some children are the victims of war, many live in countries where a severe burn or badly broken bone could lead to a lifetime of disability.

Visiting this facility and seeing the joy Lions bring to these children truly moved Judy and me. It’s wonderful to see our members making a profound impact in the lives of kids.Visiting Peace Village

  • President Sid,

    Thanks for visiting Philippines, hope you may visit us again!

    BTW, we invite you to visit our Lions Street Children Center next time.


  • Anonymous

    President Sid, You are just like the world´s president, all the Lions worldwide love you,
    the children also. Well done and I wish you long life. I kept your picture with the Pope in my album.
    Lion Stephen, Christopher. A