Hong Kong Business Leader Elected President of Lions Clubs International

Our International Convention ended today with the election of Wing-Kun Tam as our 2011-2012 International President. Tam, a Lion from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), The People’s Republic of China, is the chairperson of a world-wide group of air transportation companies – and the first person from China to serve as international president of the world’s largest service club organization.

President Tam’s theme, “I Believe” expresses the thought that the Lions of the world have created a culture organized around the value of giving back. And a belief that one person truly can make a difference.

We’re also pleased to announce that International President Tam will be joining this blog to provide special “President’s Blog” posts. Through our blog, he will connect you to other Lions around the world – and their projects and activities.

Please leave a comment to send your congratulations to our new International President.

112 Comments on “Hong Kong Business Leader Elected President of Lions Clubs International

  1. Bravo! President Tam,

    I have no doubt that your sense of responsibility and your wealth of experience in air transportation and in Lionism will help realize the visions of Lions Club International.

    May God use your term in office to spring up new Lions Club in your great country, China and environs.

    Congratulations, my great Lion.

    Lion Cecilia M. Ajah
    Warri New Warri South Lions Club
    District 404A, Nigeria

  2. Dear Mr Wing-Kun Tam,

    Congratulation as the 2011-2012 International President. Your biography is so inspiring, and I believe under your leadership we will grow more than before, so we can do better to our society, helping those in need and making our environment a better place to live.

    I’m wishing you and your team a great success.

    Best Wishes from Jakarta, Indonesia

    Tatyana Sutara
    Lions Club Indonesia
    District 307 A1
    Convention Committee

  3. Congratulations to President Tam.

    Sir, we believe in you and we support all programs you plan in the year 2011-12. Planting one million trees this year is wonderful program for social cause. We will take up this program with true spirit.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Mr.Wing-Kun Tam,

    Congratulations to our International President Wing-Kun Tam, we are always at your service and we “Believe” with you. Best for our president and all Lions in 2011-2012.

    It is a tremendous and unbelievable beauty having our international president from the world’s most famous economic developed country. I “BELIEVE” his extraordinary background and wealth of experience in the business world will impact greatly on our loving organization. Great my dear President!

    I am Mohammad Ershad Hussain Rana, Cabinet Secretary, Lions Club of District 315 B3, Dhaka in the Bangladesh. Congratulations for being the new President of Lions Club International. It is very true that you are such an outstanding personality. I know many out there would like to achieve this goal and covet the world’s largest service organization’s Lions International President. What a lucrative position, but then it is you who got it. Congratulations again for you are coming from our neighbor country.

    I hope and I believe you can make a new horizon and great changes which are most essential for Youth and Helpless people of the earth.

    Go Ahead Mr. Tam. We are along with you.


    District 315 B3,

  5. NEE HAO,

    Congratulations. Very pleased to learn of your election as PRESIDENT of LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL.

    Member of Bath Island Lions Club, Karachi, Pakistan

    [I am working in a bank in Hong Kong since 1994]

  6. Congratulations for your election as President of Lions Clubs International. I believe in YOU.

  7. Hi Mr. Tam,

    I am Cirila B. Manacap, a Lion member of Davao City Mt. Talomo Lions Club of District 301-E in the Philippines. Congratulations for being the new President of Lions Club International. Wow, you are such as exception. I know many out there would like to covet that prestigious position, but then it is you who got it. Congratulations again.

    I hope and I believe you can make a difference in peoples’ lives, especially those who need the most.

    Cheers! Mr. Tam. We are just behind you.

  8. Md.Wahidur Rahman Azad MJF,1st VDG,Dist.315B3,Bangladesh.

    Congratulations President Dr. Wing Kun Tam. “I Believe” Lions around the Globe shall do their best to minimize Environmental Pollution by maximizing Plantation!

  9. May God Bless You and pour all the blessings you share with needy people. I amazingly congratulate and support you as International President for 2011-2012.

    Lead God first in all our programs and miracles will pour upon us.

    You are the Great Wing-Kun Tam.

    Lion S. Kho

  10. What a difference a few years make. In 1943, my uncle fought along side China to free them from aggression. Today, we as Lions are fighting along side with China to free the world of blindness. What a great relationship. Together the Lions and China make a great team. Congratulations to International President Wing-Kun Tam.

    PDG Lion Dr. Don Yandell
    District 7-1, Fayetteville, AR. (transfer member from District 2E2 Texas)

  11. Felicidades a ti y al Club de Leones por tenerte como miembro y Presidente. Felicidades a China que te vio nacer y a tus hijos por tener tu semilla. Desde Mexico, Yolanda

  12. Congratulations to our International President Tam. I am in full support of all green efforts, and I believe our efforts to make Earth a better place to live will become a ROAR by next June.

    Ln. Augustine Paul
    Lions Club of Athirampuzha
    District 324 E3

  13. I congratulate our International President Wing-Kun Tam. We will support all of your programs for the year 2011-12.

    Lion U. Purnachander
    Zone Member Advisor
    District 324c5

  14. Congratulations! “We Believe” in you and we believe that our many clubs can accomplish great things by working together and by taking on the task of planting a million trees by June 30, 2012. We will continue to live out the motto “We Serve”

    Best wishes for a most successful year.

  15. Congratulations on your election to President of the World’s largest Service Organization. We Believe! We will be uniting in planting the million trees in your service year. Just like the Aspen tree that grows in a line and intermingles its root with other Aspen trees, together we accomplish great things. Congratulations again.

    PDG Leonard w Smith, 14-D

  16. Dear president,

    It is a good move to enhance the ecological sustainability with great responsibility. Let all of us go ahead with this project to make this world green and healthy.

    Thank you very much for your initiative.

    We believe in “I BELIEVE.”

    LION Shivalingaiah
    President, Lions Club of Prashanthanagar
    District 324D, India

  17. Congratulations on your election. We all look forward to your leadership. We are glad you were able to go to Seattle for the International Convention.

  18. Welcome to the Lions Club of the WORLD and congratulations on new appointment.

    I have spent a great deal of time in China and find it a very fantastic country, with great people.

    Welcome ABOARD

    George McCausland



    DIST. 324C4

  20. Dear Mr.Tam,
    Many many congatulations.

    Lion T.R. Timilsina

  21. Congratulations to Mr. Wing-Kun Tam as International President for Lionistic year 2011-12. We “Believe” to give our best to weaker section of society under his expert guidance.

    Lion Jatinder Mohan Puri
    Lions Club Ludhiana Decent
    Distt. 321 F

  22. Congratulations to our International President Wing-Kun Tam, we “Believe” with him. Best for our president and all Lions in 2011-2012.

    We Believe through humanity first

    Lion S.Ganesharaja MJF
    GLT District Coordinator
    District 306 B2
    Sri Lanla

    • its wonderful having our international president from the world’s most populous country. I “BELIEVE” his wealth of experience in the business world would impact greatly on our dear organization. Bravo our President!

      Lion Nnamdi Ahunanya
      Aba Motropolitan Lions Club
      Multiple District 404, Nigeria

      • Dear president,

        Lionism itself is a religion and you are going to guide us as leader this year 2011-2012.

        The future 1,000,000 trees in this earth will spell Lionism and your name Tam. Hats off to you.

        PDF Pandiarajan Thalamuthu

        Dist. 324b3

  23. Congratulations to our International President Wing-Kun Tam, we “Believe” with him. Best for our president and all Lions in 2011-2012.

    From Belgium Zone 62 District 112D common activity zone.

  24. Lion President Tam,

    May your year be all you believe it can be. The Lions stand ready to make this one of our Association’s best ever. ” I Believe.”

    PDG Thomas J. Jefts,
    Sharpsburg Lions Club
    Multiple District 22

  25. Congratulations for allowing your belief in serving and Lionism to bring you above your personal sorrow and loss and continue helping your fellow man. Someone once said “If a man will lose himself (for others), then he will find himself.”

    2nd VDG Chuck Sheriff 12I

  26. Mauro T. Lamigo

    Congratulations LCI President Wing-Kun Tam, as Asians we are very proud of you. With the Theme: “I Believe” we really believe each Lion can make a difference under your leadership. I look forward the day “The President meets the Presidents” in November.

    Mauro T. Lamigo
    Pasig Lions Club President
    District 301-D2

  27. It had indeed given us moments of great joy when we heard our president Tam on his installation as the president of this great number one organization. What an inspiring and motivational address it was. He gave us great strength. He has great ideas. He will make a difference. Our hearty congratulations to him, and no doubt he will raise this great organization to much greater heights. God Bless him and his family.

  28. Mi reconocimiento y felicitación al Presidente Tam, por su brillante participación, por su programa internacional, que lo dice todo en dos palabras YO CREO. Los leones del Distrito B-9 de Baja California Sur y Sinaloa, MEXICO, se suman y claro que CREEMOS en nuestros líderes y claro que CREEMOS que podemos salvar el planeta.

    Blanca Trasviña Aguilar, Gobernadora del Distrito B-9

  29. Congratulations from all of us in the Bradford, Tennessee Lions Club (District 12L) and from the Bradford Leo Club a great big ROAR! We Believe!!! 🙂

    Lisa Blurton Vinson
    Leo Club Advisor

  30. Congratulations and ‘thumbs up’ from Bonn, the former capital of Germany.

    Bob Pohlhausen, VG, 111R

  31. Congratulations to our International President Wing-Kun Tam
    from Fethiye Lions Club in Turkey, MD 118-R.
    “We believe.”

  32. Our Warmest Congratulations President Tam!

    From – Leo Club Of Kurunegala, District 306 B2, Sri Lanka.

  33. Congratulations President Tam. On behalf of the Lions of Arima Santa Rosa Lions Club who attended the convention and all other members we believe that if we believe in something we can really achieve it.

    Jean Sealy
    Club53562 Trinidad and Tobago

  34. Congratulations on your new position, President Tam. We will wholly support you throughout your endeavors. We hope you enjoy your term and accomplish great things.

    Dennis Zhang
    Edison-Metro Leo Club, New Jersey, USA

  35. Congratulations President Tam.

    We assure you of our support and together we believe we can make this world a wonderful world.

    Franco Vacher
    Club President 2011-2012
    Lions Club of Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
    District 403B, Region 26 Zone 262

  36. To our Int’l President Wing Kun Tam,

    Our warmest greetings and congratulations to you. We the members of Lions Club of Calicut, Kerala, India are very proud of you, and we will be supporting you and your Theme for the Lion year, “I Believe” would surely bring out things which would be unbelievable to the world. Let’s open the closed eyes and do more services for the betterment of our community! We also appriciate your Lions Card programme which would enable LCIF to have more funds for its service project every year. The card programme was proposed from our club but no one gave ears to the wonderful project.

  37. RANGANATHAN .A, Cab Sec Act - Dist 324 B1

    Dear President,

    Congratulations for becoming the first person from Hong Kong (China) to head Lions Clubs International. Our District Governor C.Saji David, who returned from Seattle, looks to be fully charged by your motivating speech & action. He speaks a lot about You & your ideas, which have motivated him. “I BELIEVE” all the District Governors will be in the same spirit, to take our organisation to greater heights.

    Ranganathan, Cabinet Secretary Activities, Dist. 324B1.

  38. Congratulations Lion Mr. Tam, elected you the President Of Lions Clubs International.
    God bless you and guide you in the way of service, and we promise with you to follow you on the way of humanity services. we “Believe” in you.

    Lion Amar jit (Khatkar)
    Region Chairperson
    Lions Club Mukand Pur

  39. Congratulations to International President Lion Wing-Kun Tam LY-2011-2012.
    Rossukhon Chompoorat
    Cebinet Treasurer District 310-A1
    Chiangmai Wiangping Lions Club.

  40. President Tam,

    We wish you our sincerest congratulations, and hope that under your leadership, Lions will continue to serve humanity best. Your hope, courage, and commitment inspires us all, especially us Leos in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Each of our Leo members aspires to be a hardworking Lion like you, and we have begun our year, believing that even young people can help other young people; we have completed our first project of donating books and creating a library for students in Tanzania, Africa in the name of “Belief.” Best wishes from us for your term, we are here to serve together!

    Katherine Zhao
    President: East Bruswick- Edison Leo Club
    District 16D
    New Jersey, United States

  41. Congratulations to Elected for LC International Director of LY-2011-2012.

    Manoj Dhungana
    Club No. 105233 LC Makawanpur, Hetauda Nepal 325B

  42. I BELIEVE – We can re-ignite the service passion! Congratulations from Abuja Metropolitan Lions Club, MD 404 Nigeria.

  43. Congratulations to my international president.
    I wish you great health, great happy good luck.
    สุข สดชื่น และสมหวัง ในการบริหารงาน

    From Lion Chanthana Somkerd
    Sakhonburi Lions Club District 310 D

  44. PDG Larry and Lion Gail Colford, Maggie Valley Lions Club, North Carolina

    Congratulations on your election, what a great and simple theme. We also believe that together as Lions anything is possible.

  45. Congratulations to you dear President Tam.

    Please accept our very best wishes and luck from Lions Club of Bintulu Kidurong from District 308-A2, Sarawak, Malaysia. I hope you will have a wonderful and successful year. Together we serve.

    From Lion Annie Woo (IPP) and members

  46. Congratulations Sir. I BELIEVE, Lions all over the world will continue to believe, that the will to serve is truly in the hearts of every Lion. We will support all your projects, and do our share in the one million trees that will be planted in LY 2011-2012. Lions hand in hand will do their part in saving Mother earth! Roar!!!!!!!!!!

    Emy A. Ungria /secretary
    Rosario Batangas Lions Club
    Batangas, Philippines

  47. Dear President,
    I Believe like you believe that the faith in our values will lead our association to great achievements to fight poverty and other major issues we’re involved in rolling back.

    Congratulations for your election.
    I Believe also.

    LEO Kwame SENOU, LEO Club Cotonou Ganvié, LIONS Club Cotonou Nokoué, District 403A, Benin, West Africa

  48. Congratulations to you President Tam.

    As a Lion: “It thrills to be one.” “Great to be seen to be one,” “Most rewarding to BELIEVE to be one.”

    I believe the million tree program you have championed will be a blessing for our part of the world where charcoal is the most widely domestically used source of energy with adverse environmental impact.

    We pledge to believe and rally behind you all the way to make a difference!

    Lion Patrick Luwaga
    Club President – Kampala Host , MD411 – Uganda, East Africa

  49. Dear Tam,

    Heartful congratulations on being elected as International President. We would like to welcome you to Nepal to share your wisdom.

    With respectful regards,

    Lion Suman Pathak
    Treasurer, Kathmandu Lord Buddha
    District 325 A

  50. Dear energetic and valuable dedicated president,

    I congratulate your successful presidential year 2011-2012. Our prestigious world organisation, Lions Club, we are more inspired about your year, sure our club will be the better one. I wish to you and pray to god long live for your humanitarian service.

    Best wishes from Ln.M.Kazzali mohamed charter president & Members of Lions club of Thanjavur thendral (newly inaugurated March 2011), Dist 324A2. India

  51. To our Int’l President Wing Kun Tam,

    Our warmest greetings and congratulations to you.

    We Lions of District 323 G1 are very proud of you, and we will be supporting you and your Theme for the Lion year, “I Believe.” May the Lord brings your Dreams True and make this organization more powerful to fight blindness and work for Peace.

    Lion Gulshan Rai Kapoor
    323 G1 MD323 India

  52. Congratulations to you as you begin your term as International President. To believe is the first step to achievement beyond our dreams. We enjoyed your beautiful Hong Kong, at the International Convention in 2005 when my husband was inducted as a District Governor. Best wishes and many blessings be yours now and always.
    PDG Carl and Lion Linda Hall, MD1-E, Illinois, USA

  53. Dear Lion President Tam,

    My heartiest and most sincere congratulations. I hope under your president-ship, LCI will serve more and more needy people through its beacon of life. Really, it is great to have a born leader like you as our President.

    With respectful regards.
    Lion Nallaperumal Pillai P. Past Region Chairperson, District Chairperson, Environment, Dist.324B4, Lions club of Nagercoil Tower and its members

    • CONGRATULATIONS President Tam!

      I believe that together we can build a better world. I believe that together Lions will serve humanity at its best, I believe that with your leadership Lions will grow by leaps and bounds.

      Lion Eugene Fernandez, Past President, Alert chairperson

  54. Congratulations! Dr. Tam, International President. Yes, I Believe is a very attractive theme.
    Lion Amit Gupta, Master PRO Lions Club Delhi North, Ex. 321 A2

  55. Best wishes for this new year 2011-2012! “I Believe ” will be our motivation to continue to serve people.
    Afonso Carvalho
    President Lions Clube Salvador Sudoeste
    Salvador – Bahia – Brasil

  56. Congratulations
    Compliments on the wonderful concept of belief.

  57. Great Lion Tam, congratulations on your election and confirmation as the Lions Club International president. This is a fantastic achievement, and I share in your theme “I Believe.”
    From Leo Dan, Uyoatta IPP Eket Oil City Leo Club District 404A Nigeria

  58. Our heartfelt Congratulations President Tam! We invite you to share your wisdom with our community here in Kerala, India. We will continue to serve our community and your Theme “ I Believe” will be our motto of this year. Wish you all the best.

  59. Congratulations! I invite you to share your wisdom with our community here in Dover, Ohio, USA. We will do our best to promote and activate your theme “I Believe” as we continue to serve our community.

    David O. Bisbee
    President, Dover, Ohio, Noon Lion’s Club

  60. Congratulations President Tam. We look forward to your leadership into 2011 and through 2012.

    Aloha from Lions Club of Kona




  62. Desejamos um Ano Leonístico de muitas felicidades, alegrias e muito sucesso.

    André Cayuela – secretário Lions Clube Belém Nazareth

  63. Dear President Tam,


    If you can successfully transmit the ‘ I Believe’ philosophy to all the Lions and you believe that “one person truly can make a difference,” we, nearly 1.4 million Lions, can really make a difference in this world in the coming year.

    Let us all work together to materialize that dream.

    Dr. Thomas Philip, DG 324 E3 2009-10, & MCS 324 E, 2010- 11

  64. Congratulations, Mr. President Tam! Best Wishes from Italy, where true Lions always serve and BELIEVE!

    Natalia Di Bartolo

    Dr. Natalia Di Bartolo
    Lions Club Agrigento Chiaramonte Press Promoter S.Y. 2010-2011, District 108 Yb, Zone 25, Sicily, Italy
    Free Lance Writer

  65. Congratulations to our new International Lions Club President. More power from Dimalupig Lions Club District 301-D2.

  66. Congratulations and best wishes to Lions International President Mr. Tam, hope to continue working with him on behalf of Bluefields Caribbean Lions Club in Bluefields, RAAS – Nicaragua.

    Mike Ramirez

  67. Er.M.Gurunathan,Past District Governor,District 324B1

    Congratulations dear President.

    Your address was so inspiring and motivating. You have such wonderful children. You taught us that courage, commitment and action will make us succeed in all our endeavours. No doubt you will make a difference. Planting 1 millon trees or 4.8 million or executing the other programs will be realized by you at ease as you have the determination. You are so great. We feel proud of you. God Bless You..

    Er.M.Gurunathan, PDG, D324B1

  68. Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Wing-Kun Tam.
    I believe You International President and We Club Presidents altogether make 2011-2012 a remarkable Lionistic year.
    Ln Abul Fazal Hamid Uddin Ahmad
    President , Lions Club of Dhaka Central East, District 315 B2, Bangladesh

  69. Congratulations to President Tam.
    We Believe, Together we, the Lions can make a difference to the world by reaching out to the needy.

    Lion CA Roy Varghese
    Council Chairperson 2010-11, MD 324E

  70. International President Tam,

    Congratulations to your new appointment! This is truly the best recognition of your passion and hard work to serve as a Lion. We are proud of you.

    Howard Wong
    President, 2011-2012
    Canada-HK (Unionville-Doncrest) New Horizon Lions Club

  71. Congratulations To Our 2011-2012 International President Wing-Kun Tam. Wish You All The Best. Be Successful Always. “Believe In Yourself, All Things Are Possible”.



  73. Congratulations, Dear President, for becoming the first ever President of the largest service organisation representing the largest population in the World. We Indian Lions fondly recall the sincere affection you displayed when you visited us. We expect a lot from our ever smiling International President. Coming to know from the Indian Lions attending Seattle Convention and the excellent and dramatic appearances you made, we are increasing our expectations. An assurance, we shall always be with you to reach the greater heights. I beleive this.
    Lion S. Paramasivam 1vdg 324 b1.

  74. Dear president ,we wish you all the best.. Sasikumar

  75. Congrats,

    To our new International President Lion Wing-Kun Tam for the successive Lionestic year 2011-12 make a different and successful LIONESTIC YEAR with his golden touch.

    Once again heart full congratulation.

    Lion Tarsem Singh Khehra

  76. Congratulations Lion Mr. Tam … Ln/Lns Dr. Niki Vithlani – Secretary, Lions Club of Ajwa 323 F1

  77. Dear President,

    Warmest Congratulations For Being Elected as World President of One Esteemed Respectful and Biggest Organizations in The World.

    Looking Forward with big honour, continuing our constructive actions jointly together.

    Antoine Menassa
    Chairperson Economic Comitee


  78. Congratulations on attaining this fantastic milestone in your Lionistic career, International President Tam. May God bless you as you guide us through the coming year, and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy your term of office. Lion Dr. N Ravichandran and the members of the Lions Club of Colombo Ocean City District 306 B2

  79. To our International President Wing Kun Tam,

    Our congratulations and warmest greetings to you and your family!
    We are very proud of you, and we will give our best to you and your theme for the Lion year, “I Believe.”

    May the triple gem bless you!

    This note comes to you from the members of
    Lions Club of Nawala Metro
    District 306C2 – Sri Lanka.

  80. Dear Lion Tam,

    We are always with you to support succeeding in your tenure. We Believe in support for less privileged people of our community. Once again congratulations.

    Always in Lionnism,

    Lion Purna Bahadur Sangat
    DC- Sight Program
    District 325 A Nepal
    HC: Lions Club of Kathmandu Chabahil

  81. Congratulations President Tam! I am looking forward to your leadership this year! May you have a wonderful and enriching year!

  82. To our Int’l President Wing Kun Tam,

    Our warmest greetings and congratulations to you. We from the Philippines Lions are very proud of you, and we will be supporting you and your Theme for the Lion year, “I Believe.” May the good Lord guide and take care of you always.

    From PDG Imelda “Edda” C. Flores

  83. DEAR TAM,



  84. Congratulations international president Tam from Ponce Lions Club in Puerto Rico. Jaime Rodrigues, PDG

  85. Congratulations to Our Dynamic President Tam from MD 322

  86. Congratulations Preisdent Tam, met you in Memphis at the USA/Canada forum in 2010 you will do a great job. I Believe.

  87. Greetings and best wishes to you, President Tam. We wish you good health and happiness this year as President of Lions International.
    From Lion Dave Hamilton, Delegate 2011 and all the members of the Apache Junction Lions Club of Apache Junction, Arizona

  88. Congratulations President Tam,
    Thank you for talking to all the Leos on Monday July 4th at the Global Leo Conference.
    PZC Patricia – Leo Advisor for Guildford Leos Surrey, BC, Canada

  89. Congratulations to the new President. We are here to serve!

  90. Lion President Tam, May your year be all it can be. The Lions of the world stand ready to make this one of our Association’s best ever. I Believe – PDG Anthony, District 8-S, Louisiana, USA.

  91. Congratulations on attaining this fantastic milestone in your Lionistic career, International President Tam. May God bless you as you guide us through the coming year, and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy your term of office. From Lion Dee and members of the Florida Lions Club, Dist 410b, South Africa.

  92. Our most sincere congrats to you, President Tam, from IPDG Brian von der Decken and all of the Lions in District 410D South Africa.