Lions Club Members Roar in Seattle During 2011 International Convention

Enjoy video highlights shot on-site during our 2011 International Convention in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Day one highlights, including Lions from around the world arriving in Seattle.

Day two highlights, including the spectacular Parade of Nations.

Day three highlights, including Peace Poster Contest Grand Prize Winner Raj Phairembam.

What was your favorite part of this year’s convention? Leave a comment below to let us know.

  • Great video

  • Dixie Mitchell 8/1/11

    I had every intention of attending, knowing this would be the trip of a lifetime! Unfortunately, a hospital stay intervened. Thanks so much for sharing this event with me!

  • Linda Smith

    Sorry could not be there. Looks like we missed a great convention.

  • Er.M.Gurunathan

    An excellent presentation of the events which will motivate Lions to participate in future conventions

  • Loved the Videos of convention. Thank you for sharing the experience …

  • DG Mike Kouns

    Had terrific and FUN time in Seattle. Hope to see some clips of DGE Training.