Lions in Grand Cayman Make a Big Splash with Local Children

Our members around the world sponsor projects to address the unique needs of young people in their local communities. We recently sent a film crew to the Cayman Islands to see how Lions there are making a big splash with youth.

In Grand Cayman, local children risked drowning because they didn’t know how to swim. Lions stepped in to help by building the first public pool on the island.

“We thought we’d have kids from all the schools come here and learn how to swim,” said Tony Ritch, a member of the Grand Cayman Lions Club. “Over the years I’d say thousands of children in our community have been impacted by this pool.”


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  • Er.M.Gurunathan

    An excellent and needs based project indeed. Benefits the community as a whole and very interesting. Grand Cayman Lions Club deserves all praise and appreciation.