President’s Service Blog: Helping the Environment With 3.4 Million Trees, India

Working together, we can reach amazing goals. When I challenged Lions to plant one million trees this year, I believed we could achieveIP Tam Planting Trees it together. In India, I saw that anything is possible when you believe. There, Lions worked with other organizations, including the government, schools and a police academy, to plant a reported 3.4 million trees.

Lions also partnered with local youth to help nurture these young trees for a year, which is important for growing the children’s volunteering spirit as well as the trees. Through this project, Lions have taught countless young people in southern India about ecology and how they can make a difference using their two hands.

I believe that this is just one example of how Lions are improving their communities by planting trees.

23 Comments on “President’s Service Blog: Helping the Environment With 3.4 Million Trees, India

  1. I agree with you sir. I wholeheartedly support your theme. I am President of Lions Club of
    Juhu Waves, Mumbai, India. I have planted 100 medicinal and herbal trees in a school in Mumbai, India. I am planning to plant more trees in January and if possible, throughout my life. We all should jointly Save Earth and Environment, which is God’s gift to us.

    Since our District Elections were going on, I could not meet you on 6th November 2011, when you were in Mumbai. When will you again visit Mumbai? I would like to meet you.

  2. Dear member, I think in Egypt we have the same project with tree protection. We need your support to work together.

  3. I proud be a LION. What we think , we achieve any way. And this is the most valuable work to give back our mother land.

  4. As the president of Lioness Club Chandigarh Panchkula Diamond in India we have planted 250 plants in schools because they have less space.Our lionesses go every week to see the plants we have planted how the growth is. I believe after planted a tree care is more important. We also planted trees on the road side Gulmore. We are glad all the plants are coming up. We believe trees are just like our children.
    President Ls Sushil Bansal (Sheel Didi )

    • I agree, Lion Shushil, that we must nurture our youth in the same manner we do these trees in order to ensure a strong and healthy future for both.

    • Thank you very much for entertaining my message. My drive for environment is “Go and see, water the plants where we have planted’ and take care of baby plants on the road side.
      Respected President, as you are in India, I really want to meet you and hand over my project reports with media coverage and photographs.

  5. Lion Bodh Parkash Sahni Secretary LIon Club Kartarpur Distt 321-D Punjab India

    Lion Club Kartarpur Distt 321-D Punjab India planted trees in different areas. Chief Guest of this project is Lion Wayne A Madden, First Vice President, and Lion Lady Linda Madden, with many International Dignitaries and District 321-d Governor Lion Harish Banga. This project is done in the presidential guidance of Lion Surjit Singh Walia.

  6. What a fantastic achievemnt by the Lions of India. We thank our leader LIon. G.R. for his wonderful motivation and guidance in achieving our goals.

    Lion. T.S. Vijayakumar

  7. What a fantastic achievement by the Lions of India. We thank our leader Lion. G.R. for his wonderful motivation and encouragement

  8. Dear President,
    I am proud to be part of Lions District 324 A 8 which stands second in the world for the most number of saplings planted.
    I had the honor of shaking your hand at the banquet held on 25 August in Chennai.
    We plan to follow the growth of the saplings we planted.

  9. GOD bless you and your team, you are so generous.
    Thank you a lot .

  10. I am proud and happy to say that we, Lions have not strayed even a little bit from the original objective, from our motto WE SERVE. We 324 b5 lions marching behind GR were able to plant more than 300,000 trees.

    SVDG-324 B5

    • Thank you. It is through the work of our millions of Lions throughout the world that we can achieve this goal. We Serve!

  11. Que lindo ojala que todos cumplamos el mensaje del Pte de plantar arboles felicicitaciones a los co mpañeros leones de todos el mundo.

  12. “Tree grows as the Child grows.” Involvement of children and youth in the project ensures a lasting bond between mankind and the environment. It is a win-win situation for the future of the planet as well as for human beings. Congratulations to all the Lions for standing up to our International President’s belief in our abilities.

    Lion Dr. Pavan Baldava
    Lions Club of Hyderabad East

  13. Dear president,
    We believe that your vision for preserving nature by planting millions of trees is really a wonderful achievement. We also believe that you can do miracles with regard to service in near future.
    Lion Koti Reddy
    District 324c4

  14. I believe that this is just one example of how Lions are improving their communities by planting trees especially 3.4 million saplings planted in South India.
    Hats off to all the Lions who joined the hands in Tree Plantation and their dedication in protecting them as they grow.
    -Lion Vakkalanka Nagendra Pratap pmjf
    District 324C6 (District Chairman ALERT)

  15. Lion Kapil Mehra, Lions Club Amritsar, District: 321-D, India.

    Yes, it is possible. Lions International, being BIGGEST NGO of the World, should act in a Leadership position as an Organisation, and should co-ordinate other Local NGOs for its Big Ticket Projects like Tree plantation, Sight Programs and Youth Programs also.

    • Even the most optimistic goal is possible when we believe. Thank you for supporting my presidential theme.