Lions Community Store Gives People in Need a New Lease on Life

Our members are willing to do whatever it takes to make our communities better places to live. We recently sent a film crew to England to see how Lions there are providing household items – and hope – to people in need.

In Fleet, England, the Lions Community Store recycles household goods and appliances, and is a lifeline to people hit by hard times. The community store receives a range of donations from citizens, including furniture, dishes, clothing and mattresses.

Lions support the store, and work with social service agencies to identify people in need. Together with other volunteers, they make care packages, load furniture, and deliver the goods! Beverley Allardice, a volunteer at the store, told our film crew “In a month, it’s over 100 families, over 100 referrals. Of the 100, 40 have absolutely nothing. We give them everything. We’re filling their houses and flats.”

4 Comments on “Lions Community Store Gives People in Need a New Lease on Life

  1. Congratulations for this great inspiration from Lions Club England that will be an example for other Lions in these troubled times, with more and more poor families!

  2. What an inspiration the Lions club is in England. It is in these troubled times that Lions all over the world shine.

    Lion Lyn Hull
    Lions Club of Canberra Valley