Photo of the Week: Lions in Korea “Sharing the Vision” with Local Youth

During this month’s “Sharing the Vision” campaign, we’re shining the spotlight on projects that focus on preventing blindness and helping the visually impaired. We received this week’s photo via our Submit a Photo page.

Daegu Suseong Lions Club

The Daegu Suseong Lions Club recently helped provide free eye exams for residents of a local youth home. This photo shows club members taking part in a vision screening at St. Paul’s Youth House in Kun-wi, Korea.

Is your club is planning a “Sharing the Vision” project? Leave a comment to let us know about it – or share your photo with us.

9 Comments on “Photo of the Week: Lions in Korea “Sharing the Vision” with Local Youth

  1. This is great! My husband is a member of the Montgomery, Minn., Lions Club and I will definitely be telling him about this!

  2. La Grande Oregon Lions Club - Gary & Carol Tate

    The La Grande Lions Club just finished vision screening for all of the kindergartners through 5th grade elementary school children in the La Grande School District. Our second Vice President is an opthamologist and even closed his office and brought his stafff to help screen the children at our largest elementary school. We had many parent volunteers (future Lions club members) at all of the schools. We screened 900 public school children as well as 50 private school children. Many of the children needed to see an eye doctor and several children needed help immediately which we will take care of. We have been doing this for three years and several children have been helped that would have been blind in at least one eye if the screening had not caught the problem. This is our favorite project.

    • Sounds like a wonderful project … glad to hear how your club is really making a difference in the lives of these children!

    • Thank you for letting us know about your project … and sharing your photos!

  3. I’m from Indonesia Leo’s club.

    What am I going to ask is are Leo Clubs supposed to conduct a “Sharing the Vision” project too?
    Or do we only need to help our Lions in our District?

    • During October, we invite Leos and Lions to Share the Vision with your community. Leos can plan their own activities or work with their sponsoring Lions on the Sharing the Vision campaign. Leos, remember to report your “Sharing the Vision” activity through the online reporting form.

  4. Where can I contact Korea’s Lion club? I’m from Mexico’s Lion club!