Story of the Week: Lions Help Students Reach Their Goals with School Supplies

For generations, our clubs have served as an educational partner for students. Many children begin their education with a preschool vision screening performed by a Lion. Other students continue their schooling with a scholarship from a Lions club. Having the tools to succeed makes learning fun, which is why the Kamloops Paddlewheelers Lions Club in British Columbia equips kids with basic school supplies.

Since 2005, the club has provided backpacks and other necessities for students in the area. This year, more than 300 students started the school year stocked with supplies from Lions. The club distributes the items at a barbecue each fall, giving the students and their families a fun-filled afternoon complete with hot dogs, ice cream and snacks.

In this video, you’ll see Lions passing out school supplies at the club’s annual barbecue lunch.

3 Comments on “Story of the Week: Lions Help Students Reach Their Goals with School Supplies

  1. For tge last 30 years I have been a member of Lions club and I have learned while doing social service mutual laughter helps people feel at ease around each other, and laughing when others are laughing makes those others more likely to accept you into their group. In social service one should be motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need come to completion, by pure love and acts we reach to our goals. When we are able to fulfill that need of less fortunate person, then we truly live. This year up to September we have done these projects:
    Personality development: By Conducting seminars/workshops
    Blood donation camps
    Honored 5 teachers on Teachers Day.
    Women and child literacy: Giving scholarships to needy students
    Health care and environment protection: By holding medical camps in villages. We take care for cancer patients. Our monthly project is to go to hospice center and ask the patient for their last wish and we try our best to fulfill that.
    Ls Sushil Bansal ‘Sheel Didi’
    President, Lioness Club Chandigarh Panchkula Diamond 321A2

  2. Lions giving scholarships to needy students of the world is a great venture that will continue to promote awareness and enlightenment among the people, especially in the developing countries of our world. Great thinking, Lions, keep helping because whatever we sow we must also reap. If we want PEACE in the world, we have to pay the price.

    Lion Stephen Christopher A
    MUNICH Germany

    • Thank you for your feedback. As Lions, we know that investing in the education of children is the best investment we can make for the future.