Story of the Week: Lions Release New Safari Public Service Announcements

Our clubs do so much more than collect used eyeglasses. We feed the hungry, we help identify vision problems through screenings and we improve the communities we live in through service. In a new series of safari-themed public service announcements (PSAs), we explain how diverse our clubs are in a humorous and fresh way.

Three 30-second PSAs explain Lion’s natural strengths, which include vision, hunting and feeding. The light-hearted spots feature real Lions doing good.

Download the PSAs today and share them with your local television station. Also available for download is the Lions “Rockin’ The Vest” rap video. The instrumental and audio-only versions of the rap are now available on iTunes.

  • Cheri Appel

    Nice PSA. Now get it onto regular tv.

    • lionmagazine

      Hi Lion Cheri,
      Thank you for your feedback. Lions around the world are invited to download the videos and share them with their local television stations. A guide for approaching your local station is available as well. Good luck!