President’s Service Blog: Maintaining Our New Trees, Nepal

Tam watering tree Nepal

Thanks to our 1.35 million Lions, the earth has become a bit greener during the last six months. When I challenged the Lions of the world to plant one million trees, I believed we could accomplish it. Now, we have planted more than six million trees, with new trees added to our Trees Planted map regularly.

When I was in Nepal, I planted trees and had a chance to think about their long-term impact on the environment. Much like our clubs, the trees we plant will need us to nurture and protect them so they may flourish. Each Lion must ensure the trees they plant are treated like a respected member of the family so our future generations may enjoy their shade.

5 Comments on “President’s Service Blog: Maintaining Our New Trees, Nepal

  1. It reminds me of the fact that when I was a kid at school, we used to plant trees around our schoolyard. Decades later, we lions are still doing the same thing. We are actually average people, doing average things. But, we just keep doing the average things, that make this a better world.

    We Serve.

  2. Every year we have Tree planting program, in our Club lions club of Bangalore Sheshadripuram, Dist 324D6,-this year we have planted 700 trees.

    • Thank you for supporting my tree-planting campaign!

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  3. Lions around the world can achieve anything once they decide & take something in hand. Others will certainly envy.