Leo Leader Discusses the Rewards of Leo Clubs

Many of our Lions clubs sponsor Leo clubs, a youth organization that encourages leadership and volunteering. Lions work together with Leos and provide young people with the tools that will help them become successful citizens and future Lions leaders.

Joy Nisnisan, a 17-year-old from Texas, is one of the 150,000 Leos worldwide who is making a difference. A Leo for three years and now a member of the Leo club advisory panel, she is helping to shape her community and the Leo program. In this short video, Joy answers some frequently asked questions about Leo clubs and volunteering.

3 Comments on “Leo Leader Discusses the Rewards of Leo Clubs

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  2. Thank You for your wonderful comments ..!! I have shared on my Facebook Page.. the WORLD of Lions need to hear you ….. Wishing you the best from North Carolina .. Lion Penny

  3. Way to Go Joy! A great future Lion…

    A real pleasure to Serve with you,