President’s Service Blog: Making a Difference, Democratic Republic of Congo

IP Tam Visits Eye Hospital

I saw the dramatic global impact of the network of 1.35 million Lions  when I visited an eye hospital in the Kinshasa.

Funded by Lions like us and a SightFirst grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation, the Ophthalmic Training and Surgical Center in Masina, Kinshasa, addresses the dire need for vision care in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has been ravaged by conflict and poverty. I was overwhelmed to see how Lions are changing lives by providing a variety of vision-related screenings and services. I believe that when Lions come together, problems get smaller and communities get better.

  • Clement Chipungu

    I am an ophthalmic consultant in Zambia and I thank for Lions distributing free spectacles. It’s time we approach optical centres within the countries to dispense free new readers spectacles. Lions aid and sight operations can also assist in donating readers lenses or spectacles too.

    I salute Lions for unwavering loyalties in helping the needy people around the world. God bless you.

  • Lion Mutusa

    With what happened in Japan, I would love to be communicating with fellow Lions from that country and also from Korea.

  • Emmanuel Mbugha Meni

    I was part of this visit and I was particularly impress and proud to see this achievement. It strengthen my consideration to the Lions.

    • wingkuntam

      That is great to hear. I was honored to visit such an amazing facility.

  • Lions have been instrumental in helping millions of citizens around the world get their eye sight restored by performing a number of cataract services all over the world. It is this enthusiasm and zeal for philanthropic work that has helped Lions to sustain since 1917 and fulfill the vision of our founding fathers.Keep up the good work, Lions!!!!

    • wingkuntam

      Thank you, Lion VPMarwah. I believe that when Lions come together, problems get smaller and we can do wonderful things to help mankind.

  • As a Lion, I love to serve! Thank you for serving as well! You are doing a GREAT job in the Congo!

    • wingkuntam

      Thank you, Lion Arabella. We Serve!

  • georges najjar

    I am an avocat and I am a doctor in the uni. I hope to be a member of Lions group.

    • lionsclubsorg

      Great to hear! Contact your local Lions club to learn more about our organization and how to become a member. You can locate a club by using our Find a Club page: