Photo of the Week: Maine Lions Get People with Disabilities Moving

With 1.35 million Lions worldwide, our projects are as diverse as our membership. Many clubs choose to help those with disabilities, and a number of clubs have formed to support the needs and goals of the Special Olympics. We found this week’s photo from the Massebesic Lions Club at The of the week feb 13

The club has built personal energy transportation vehicles, also known as PETs®, for the past four years. Once assembled, the three-wheeled vehicles are powered by a hand crank. They allow people in developing nations who cannot walk to travel, even in locations that do not have paved roads or sidewalks. The club recently completed its 50th PET®, which cost about $250 each to build.

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3 Comments on “Photo of the Week: Maine Lions Get People with Disabilities Moving

  1. Thank you to LCIF for bringing attention to this wonderful project! The Massebesic Lions Club of Maine and Distirct 41 works so hard to keep this effort moving. I’ve seen this PET up close, it’s a blessing to those in need. Anyone interested in sponsoring just one PET vehicle, please contact the Massebesic Lions or District 41. Your contributions to this project will change people’s lives, giving the freedom of mobility to those people in need.

    • Thank you, Lion Dave, for filling us in on the details!

  2. Exemplery Service Activity by Maine Lions in helping those with disabilities especially those who cannot walk to travel.

    Hats off! God bless them.