Lions in California Work with the Community to Beautify a School

Our Lion and Leo clubs work to improve their communities in 206 countries and geographic areas around the world. The Downtown Long Beach Lions Club partnered with community organizations, school officials, teachers, parents and students revamp a local middle school, while developing pride and a sense of ownership among the students.

In front of Hamilton Middle School were tufts of grass, packed dirt and two sad trees. With a matching grant from the City of Long Beach, the Lions set to work landscaping the area. Seven groups of students, ranging in age from 6 to 15, decorated 160 stepping stones.L ions installed the stepping stones and other landscaping enhancements with students and neighborhood volunteers. So far, more than 320 people have pitched in to make the school a better place.

Lion Hilda Gaytan, the committee chairperson for the project, said it’s been a rewarding task. “These kids all possess big hearts. It was amazing to see them working for three to four hours doing hard labor. The best thing was listening to their cheering for their school after feeling tired.”

In this video, you’ll see the stepping stones the kids created and part of the landscaping process.

12 Comments on “Lions in California Work with the Community to Beautify a School

  1. It’s a great thing to allow the community to feel the impart of Lions in their life.

  2. The Hamilton Middle School Project leaves a life-time legacy of pride and beautification in a deserving community, for a deserving major school district. The Long Beach Unified School District, family members, and local community members will know the Lions Club cares about the future of their children. At a time when school districts are severely strapped for cash for non-educational enhancements, this beautification project helps to enhance the quality of the environment for education for our children, and restores a dedication to excellence in community collaboration and support. It will enhance the appearance of not only the school but the surrounding homes.

    I’m proud to be a Lion who worked on this great project.

    • Thank you, Lion Darryl, for chiming in. We Serve!

  3. Lion Hilda & Lion Kirk,

    What a great job of building community pride and partnership. This is what Lionism is all about. You two spent a lot of time and effort in doing a wonderful project and what a great idea you had to do this and get it done. Yeah Lions!

    • This project is a great example of how we can partner with other organizations in our communities to accomplish great things for our neighbors.

  4. I never thought that by joining the Lions Club I would have the opportunity to lead a project like this.Being the project manager and having a vision for a project is important, but I would not get too far without the heart and the participation of the Lions and the community that believes they have the power to change their enviroment. Thanks to them and the support of my club I am having without question the most amazing experience of my life.

    • Congratulations, Lion Hilda, on a successful project! Well done.

  5. I am a Leo from Ghana. I am really impressed, good job done. I am into landscaping on the side in mu bachelor progaramme in school and would love to serve in this kind of project. In Lionism, WE SERVE!!!

    • With Leos like you, our organization’s future is bright. Thank you for your comment!

  6. Fantastic Project – GREAT WORK!!!!! – you SERVE!!!!

  7. I am proud to be a Lion and a participant in this project. It was a lot of hard work, but after seeing the impact of the project on the school and the students I know it was well worth it.

    • Thank you, Lion Kirk, for your take on this impressive project!