LQ: Lions in India Foster the Kids of Prisoners

Our clubs fill the needs of communities around the world, ranging from providing training to at-risk teens to securing access to clean water. In India, Lions work to ensure that youngsters aren’t growing up in prison while their parents are incarcerated.

The Calcutta Midtown Lions Club raised funds to open a home for the sons of those imprisoned for committing crimes. The Lions work to give the children advantages similar to what they provide for their own kids. The 11 boys receive an education, including music and computer training. They also learn to care for the environment.

The home gives opportunity to formerly incarcerate women, who would otherwise lack employment and support from their families.  A former inmate and current house mother, says that she enjoys watching the boys develop into mature young adults. “They were so shy, they didn’t have any confidence,” she said of the kids when they first arrived.

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