President’s Service Blog: Feeding the Hungry, California, USA

I have the privilege of seeing some of the best work our clubs perform around the globe, but I like to get my hands dirty and help out whenever I can. When I traveled to California, I visited the Beacon Light Mission in Wilmington. The Kayumanggi Lions Club has helped serve meals there for more than 15 years. On New Year’s Eve, I served lunch to the people helped at this facility and enjoyed a meal with the diners.

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It was wonderful to see how Lions improve the lives of these people, meal by meal. I was humbled by the Lions commitment, as well as the gratitude I felt from the people we served. I believe that through hands-on service, we make a difference in the world.

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  1. No body can begin to understand the power of hunger and faith, but once we have a positive picture in your mind and we hold it before us unseen,unmeasurable, and untetectable forces are released. With this determination we lions can bring success to anyone other wise It is terrible frightening to fight with HUNGER. We can move mountains,on one condition: we must have faith.
    President Lioness Diamond club 321A2

  2. Many people who are chronically hungry live in rural areas The problem is the access of people to jobs, resources, knowledge, land and money to purchase food. And are facing major problems related to water shortage, natural resource depletion, environmental degradation, and widespread poverty.
    It is important, if children are given the knowledge and opportunity to meet the challenge.To assist our future leaders and policy makers to understand the importance of social service in our daily lives.
    Our Lions are among the best and most efficient in the world as always, working for the benefit of mankind. Long live Lions.

    Past President Lions Club Chandigarh Host 321F

  3. Indeed one of the best work our clubs perform around the globe. It was wonderful to see how Lions improve the lives of such hungry people, meal by meal. Hunger is everywhere and affects everyone.
    We, the Lions of District 324C6, feed the homeless men and women on our birth days, marriage anniversaries and on some other occasions under the program “DINE WITH DIVINE,” especially at Sri Rama Krishna Math, where they were feeding the homeless through out the year. Hats off to Sri Rama Krishna Math.
    We say “ANNA DAATA – SUKHEEBHAVA,” means – The person who feeds the hungry, will be blessed by God and will be happy.
    Lion Vakkalanka Nagendra Pratap pmjf

    • Our Leos will play a major role assuring the future of lionism in the world. In particular, one of the important roles they will play is helping meet the rapidly growing requirements of society globally. It is important, if children are given the knowledge and opportunity to meet the challenge.

      Past President Chandigarh Host 321F

  4. We tend forget those in need is just around the bend, sometimes eyes closed we look beyond and not within. Hunger is everywhere and affects everyone. Kayumanggi Lions Club of District 4-L3 started 15 years ago serving the Beacon of Light mission in Wilmington California catering to the homeless in America’s backyard. Lions Art & Linda Jangaon saw the need and acted without hesitation. Awareness is key to seek those who needs help and most often just across the way….

    It is indeed an honor and pleasure serving with International President Wing-Kun Tam on this occasion. With this I echo the sentiments of all 15 District Governors from multiple District 4 California. We are humbled seeing Dr Tam join us (with sleeve rolled up) feeding the homeless men and women in Wilmington. No hesitation, no fear, no worries but an extreme passion to serve…

    Joel Limjoco Pastor
    District Governor 4-L3, 2011-2012

  5. Congratulations International President Tam and 4L2 DG Dennis Drag for your great example of Lions service on New Year’s Eve

  6. LION MARCELINO INES JR., Member, Kayumanggi Lions Club

    It was a pleasure welcoming International president Wing-Kun Tam at Beacon Mission where our Kayumanggi Lions Club members helped in serving the homeless, together with our International President and other Lions dignitaries! This was a very rare occasion to show Lions Clubs in action and am proud to be a member of Kayumanggi Lions Club for over 30 years!

  7. A very noble exercise. I can imagine what the President felt serving the needy. Well done to you all.