LQ: Lions Improve the Lives of Children with Autism

One of the exciting aspects of being a member of a Lions club is that you can help your club decide how to improve your community. In Penang, Malaysia, the Lions REACh Center provides vital resources for children with autism and their families.

When our video crew filmed this segment of LQ, Lions offered more than 25 programs and services. Since 1987, the instructors have partnered with the families of the children to advance the students’ motor, language and language development. More than 60 percent of the children attend mainstream schools, a testament to the Lions’ commitment to encourage social, life and community-living skills.

According to Lion Engchye Lim, the center is successful because of the community atmosphere Lions built. “What we are trying to do here is to get more people involved, especially the parents, not only to help their child, but to help other people’s children,” he said.

7 Comments on “LQ: Lions Improve the Lives of Children with Autism

  1. I am a Lion. I started a support group. There is nothing in the area for families with autistic children. I have two grandchildren with a form of autism. I also have custody of them. I am so glad you are supporting these kids. Please remember April 2 is world wide light it up blue for autism. Thank you, please pass it on.

    • Thank you for letting us know, Lion Angie. Great work with the support group, it’s fantastic to hear about Lions who are finding and fulfilling needs within their communities.

      • How can we get some iPads for 3 of these children? Have any ideas? I have a painting we could auction off. But where do I start?

  2. Lions clubs in Edmonton Alberta Canada have just donated in excess of $20,000. With more committed, a brand new Childrens Autism Centre that has been opened this month.

    • That’s fantastic news, Lion John!

  3. An exemplery activity by the parents from the Lions community not only to their children but also to others’ children to encourage social, life and community-living skills in good community atmosphere. Lions may improve the lives of children with Autism through their respective clubs.

    • Hello Lion Vakkalanka,
      It is important to note the role of the parents in this facility. When we partner with interested parties, we expand our ability to improve our communities.