President’s Service Blog: Lions Blanket Distribution Project, Nepal

Distributing blankets in NepalI am eager to meet with as many Lions clubs presidents as I can in my time as your international president. Wherever I go, I host “Presidents-Meet-the-President” gatherings. Because I can’t meet with all of the presidents of our 46,000 clubs, I’ve established a special e-mail address for presidents to send me information about their clubs.

I recently received an e-mail from Shiva Rijal, president of the Lions Club of Biratnagar Central. Lions from throughout the Biratnagar area combined efforts to distribute blankets, improving lives one warm covering at a time. I believe that when our clubs come together to perform service, we can expand our reach.

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  1. About the Hampton Roads Champions Lions Club

    We are special! If you go to the Lions Clubs International website:
    You will find us described in part:

    Champions Lions clubs impact lives and improve communities. With a primary focus on projects that serve Special Olympics athletes, Champions Lions clubs empower and build accepting communities for persons with intellectual disabilities and their families. This community-based setting also offers you a wonderful opportunity to serve as a Lion.
    Joining Forces to Support Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
    Lions clubs around the world support the Special Olympics-Lions Clubs International Opening Eyes Program. This $10 million LCIF initiative screens the vision of Special Olympics athletes – and has provided prescription eyewear to more than 200,000 athletes. Lions play a key role in the success of this program through hands-on event support that includes:
    • Helping register athletes.
    • Providing color vision and visual acuity tests.
    • Distributing glasses and sports goggles to athletes.
    To date, more than 8,000 Lions worldwide have volunteered their time and talents to the Special Olympics, demonstrating the motto, “We Serve.”

    We are special because of our relationship with the Puller Center and the Arc. Our involvement with Special Olympics has yet to be developed and we look forward to making this an integral part of our service mission.

    We are also special because we are a “Special Interest” Lions Club. Again from the LCI website:
    Sharing Individualism, Strengthening Community
    The key to creating a sense of community is finding things in common. All Lions share an interest in and commitment to service. But they may share other interests as well. Such as motorcycles. A profession. Or an ethnic heritage.
    Often a shared interest brings even greater energy to a group of Lions – and enlivens their connection to the local community. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to start a special.
    Types of Special Interest Clubs
    A special interest club focuses on one element that many of its members have in common. Here are just a few examples:
    • Chippewa Valley Pioneer Lions Club
    • Montgomery County Police and Fire Fighters Lions Club
    • Australian Parliament Lions Club
    • Fairbanks Snowmobile Fun Lions Club
    • Las Vegas Opticians Lions Club
    • Miami Cuban Lions Club
    • England Helen Keller Internet Lions Club
    • Portsmouth Children First Lions Club
    The possibilities are endless.

    There is a third reason why we are special. Many people like the way Lions are dedicated to service and would like to be part of that yet their lives do not allow for the usual lions activities that involve regular meetings. Busy people have another option which LCI provides. Again from the website:

    Changing with the Times
    The Internet continues to change the way communities interact and how the world does business. That’s why Lions Clubs International now gives you the opportunity to start a Cyber Lions club. Cyber Lions meet online for convenience – or to bridge a distance.
    Consider, for example, the Skrea Lionet SE Lions Club of Sweden. With members stretching from Southern Sweden’s east coast to its west, the Internet keeps these distant Lions connected. Each month, the Skrea Lions meet in a private Internet chat room to discuss club activities. They also host optional chat sessions each week to ensure ongoing communication.
    Carrying out business online helps keep these Lions connected and expedites club administration to help the club get to the business of serving its community quicker.
    Cyber Lions Club Benefits
    A Cyber Lions club that meets primarily via the Internet and conducts business online offers a number of benefits, including:
    • Expedited decision making
    • Reduced organizational costs (meetings, mailings and dues)
    • Increased meeting attendance
    • Greater convenience for members
    • Maximized flexibility in scheduling
    • Ability to form truly international clubs – with members from around the world – working together to make a difference

    So you can see that by combining these three features which are all modern ways that the concept of Lionism has been enlarged, we bring to District 24D a unique opportunity to enlarge our sphere of service to others and to implement and explore the latest ideas in Lionism.