Watch LQ – Lions Quarterly to Learn Why You Should Attend Convention in Korea

Each year, thousands of Lions converge for international convention. The cities may change, but the camaraderie, networking and exchanging of information is present at every venue.

This year, we want you to join us in Busan, Korea, for our 95th Annual Lions Clubs International Convention, June 22-26. You’re sure to make new friends. You’ll enjoy the sand and sun of one of Asia’s premier beach destination while soaking up seminars and attending entertaining plenary sessions. The Parade of Nations will stretch for city blocks, and the Flag Ceremony is a moving experience for all attendees.

Register by March 31 to receive the best rates. We’ll see you in Busan!

5 Comments on “Watch LQ – Lions Quarterly to Learn Why You Should Attend Convention in Korea

  1. For many of us, travelling to and staying for a convention is a prohibitive expense. Describing the Busan convention as something Lions “should” go to or by offering the “best rates” causes great feelings of guilt and offense among those of us who simply can’t afford (and likely may never be able to afford) to go. There is no way my wife and I can possibly afford this. Why aren’t the seminars made accessible on-line?

    • We’re sorry you won’t be able to join us at International Convention. Check out our Web site beginning in June to see our Online Convention. Any resources from the seminars will be posted, along with updates, news releases and photos.

  2. I want to join Lions club. I am in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.