Story of the Week: California Lions Sponsor Women’s Symposium

Recruiting and retaining women Lions is important to expanding our organization. Our clubs thrive when we understand the needs of our communities from multiple perspectives, and women and families help us achieve that goal.

In California, Lions displayed their commitment to women by holding their first women’s symposium in Redwood City. The “Mind, Body and Spirit” event devised by District 4-C4 featured a variety of health-related speakers designed to raise awareness of the critical health services offered to the community by Lions clubs. Keynote speaker Dr. Mehmet Oz encouraged participants to take small steps to improve their health and wellness.

In this video, you’ll learn why being a Lion is important and watch part of Dr. Oz’s presentation. You will also see Dr. Oz become one of the 1.35 million Lions around the world.

One Comment on “Story of the Week: California Lions Sponsor Women’s Symposium

  1. What about April 2nd it is International Autism Awareness Day?