Photo of the Week: Leos in Malaysia Organize Food and Recycling Drive

This month, there’s so much for Lions and Leos to celebrate. In April, we mark Leo Club Awareness Month, and it’s also the month that many of our clubs will conduct environmental projects as part of our Global Service Action Campaign. Our more than 6,000 Leo clubs around the world often work to beautify their communities and improve the environment. This week’s photo comes from the New Straits Times.Leos in Malaysia The Leo Club of Penang City organized a canned food drive for those in need and collected recyclable items. The proceeds from the recycled items were donated to another non-government organization in the area. The club organizes this event each year to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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  • Lion Vakkalanka Nagendra Pratap pmjf

    An exemplery job by Malaysian Leos. Hats off. The other Leos from different areas may also take up such activities for the betterment of our communities.
    Lion Vakkalanka Nagendra Pratap pmjf