LQ: Lions-Supported Milk Bank Saves Lives

The projects your clubs coordinate are as diverse as the 1.35 million Lions around the world. When we traveled to Uruguay to capture this episode of LQ, we were touched by the organization and resourcefulness shown by the Pereira Rossell Hospital Center, where one is six children in the country is born.

There, medical workers collect, pasteurize and distribute breast milk, which the World Health Organization says is vital for infant health and survival. This is particularly true of premature babies, who face a host of medical challenges in their first few weeks of like. The maternal milk bank encourages new moms to sign up for the program, and then visits them at home to collect the breast milk. The response from new mothers wanting to donate was so great that a US$75,000 LCIF grant will help expand the facility’s capacity.

Dr. Mara Castro, a pediatrician who is the National Breastfeeding Coordinator in Uruguay, said the partnership with Lions provides vital resources for the program. “They are always there. I just have to pick up the phone and tell them we need a freezer and tomorrow we’ll have it,” Castro said.

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